सीख / Lessons

डाइनिंग टेबल पर
चिकन लॉलीपॉप का स्वाद
लेते हुए एक पिता सीख देता है
अपने बच्चे को,
“बेटा, कभी किसी का दिल नही दुखाना,
किसी की आंख में आंसू नहीं आना चाहिए
तुम्हारी वजह से..”
बच्चे ने हां में सिर हिलाया
और आनंद उठाने लगा मासूमियत से
एक और लॉलीपॉप का…


While savoring chicken lollipops
at the dining table,
a father teaches his child,
“son, never hurt anyone’s heart,
no one should have tears in eyes
because of you..”
the child nodded his head
and started enjoying innocently
one more lollipop…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. What has happened to you, Kaushal, such a horrid picture! And the hypocritical teaching!
    What about that poor chicken that was more than hurt!
    It also reminds me of teaching the cat; he was listening but eating the chicken, and it wasn’t innocent!
    I hope, Kaushal, that in your sleep the angry chickens will scream at you: “Why arent you
    writing of the delicious carrot pudding instead? Indeed, why?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nothing happened to me, Joanna. That’s my way to show the hypocrisy people are living day in, day out. Carrot pudding would not have served the purpose. Don’t worry, I’m advocating the case of chickens only.

      Liked by 1 person

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