Lata’s Last Words and Lessons

During the last moments, I have seen how a person becomes calm, cool and stares at people, calls out names of near and dear ones, and sometimes smiles, probably at the futility and fragility of life so lived. In fact, a lot of things go inside the mind analysing what was that and what is now.

The iconic singer, Lata Mangeshkar (Lata Didi), who left for heavenly abode at 92 on February 6, 2022 was not an exception. She was in a hospital for quite sometime before her death. Those were the days when she was doing self introspection. A few thoughts thus emerged, were as under:

*There is nothing in this world more real than death.

*The most expensive branded car in the world stands in my garage, but now I’m carried in a wheelchair.

*Expensive clothes, expensive shoes and all expensive items of comfort of all kinds of designs and colours are in my house, but I’m in the small gown provided by the hospital.

*I have a lot of money in my bank account, but nothing is of any use to me.

*My house is like a castle to me, but I’m lying in a small bed in the hospital.

*I kept travelling to five star hotels around the world, but now I’m being transferred from one lab to another in the hospital.

*Once seven hairstylists did my hair daily, but today, I have almost no hair on my head.

*I have been dining at many types of luxurious hotels around the world, but today two pills a day and and a drop of salt at night is my diet.

*I was flying around the world in different planes, but today two people help me to get to the hospital porch.

*No amenities helped or comforted me in any way, but the faces of some loved ones, their prayers and worship keep me alive.

*This is life, no matter what you own, at the end you go empty handed.

*Avoid valuing people for their wealth and power. Love good human beings, treasure the ones who are there for you.

*So be kind, help anyone you can. Don’t hurt anyone, be good, do good, because only that will go with you.

The above words are not only the stark realities of life, but are important lessons of life. Remember being human is given, but keeping our humanity is a choice.,

But I’ll conclude with this beautiful anecdote of Lata didi. Since her childhood, Lata wanted to meet and sing a duet with the legendary singer and actor of 30s and 40s, K L Saigal. She never met Saigal. Before she made a mark on the music scenario, Saigal passed away. But this unfulfilled desire lingered on. And the modern technology made it possible using their voices. So here is the magical melody, “Main kya janu kya jadu hai!” (What do I know what is magic!)

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Thank you, Kaushal, for this magical reminder of the wonderful singer The Nightingale of India and her unique voice. The duet is beautiful and it is so clever to be able to make her wish come true.
    Also, I love the quotes!


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    1. She was a down-to-earth person, and I adore her not only for her singing quality, but also her personal quality. Now-a-days I listen to variety of her songs. Thank you so much, Joanna for such an appreciation of the post.


  2. This is wonderful. I love the Late Lata’s introspection. Indeed, nothing in this world can buy life, no magnitude of affluence. That digitally synthesized song between the two icons sounds real and mellifluous. Many thanks for sharing 💞❤💞

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    1. Yes, both singers were known for their mellifluous voice. I’m happy that you loved both introspection and duet. Thank you, Lamittan for your beautiful comment 🙏💐💖


    1. Lata Mangeshkar was the legendary melody queen of India. Her presence will always be felt in her songs rendered in 36 languages. Thank you, Anne for sharing your beautiful reflections!

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