आंसू यादों के / Tears of Memories

मिर्ज़ा गालिब ने फरमाया था:

“समंदर कर दिया नाम उसका
नाहक सबने कह कह कर
हुए थे जमा कुछ आंसू,
मेरी आँखों से बह बह कर…”

इसे लखनऊ के छोटे नवाब ने पढ़ा और अपनी बात कुछ इस तरह लिखी :

“मैं ने उनकी याद में
रोए थे टब भर भर के
वो आएं और चल दिए
उसमें नहा कर के…”


Tears of Memories

Mirza Ghalib had written the following couplet:

“I had accumulated some tears
shed from my eyes,
but people have
unnecessarily named it a sea…”

Mini Nawab of Lucknow read it and then gave his own version as under:

“I had cried in memory of her,
the tub was filled with my tears,
she came, took a bath in it
and went away…”

–Kaushal Kishore



    1. Thank you, Joanna! You’re so very kind. Choices may differ. I like Ghalib, Kabir, Tagore and so many other poets.


  1. Beautiful poetic verses by Mirza Ghalib, i like his poetry 💕 though its English translation doesn’t feel the way as it does in Urdu.. 🙂
    And those lines you quoted by “Mini Nawab of Lucknow” are good enough, on a lighter note 😃

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    1. I too love Ghalib and his poetic wisdom. I agree, translation may not give the original effect. I have added Mini Nawab’s version from my side just to add a bit humour.😊🤗

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      1. 😃 Really, that was great, KK .. you know i just searched “Mini Nawab” on google😂 as i know Ghalib but not the “Mini Nawab” 😃 Google didn’t give me any result for it.. so i just wrote my comment like that .. you made me laugh.. it was really good 😃👍

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      2. Sorry, I should have stated in the post itself, but I’m happy, Saima that it could bring smile to you. 😊🤗😂 Thank you 👍

        Liked by 1 person

      1. oh good😂😂😂 KK. Literally yesterday they cut 5 days instead of 4 in my tub mount. I could cry but I’ll wait for the happy tears. i know it’s close but feels like a sea away!

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