When her pain of neglect
becomes unbearable
she seeks solace in herself
confined in her own loneliness,
with obsessive thoughts
flowing in her mind,
but words start flowing
from the eyes drowning her
in the ocean of emotions,
relishing those days
when she used to squeal
like an innocent kid
looking at mother’s smile
in her embrace or in the pram,
when she would to go to school
just to meet her friends
she miss terribly now,
when she used to enjoy
wandering mindlessly in gardens
with her lover alone,
when she settled in the life
became herself a proud mother
and a responsible homemaker,
those days make her wish
to go back in time to get out
of the desperation of the old days…

She comes out
and looks at the rising sun,
the golden rays falling
on her pearls falling from eyes
gave a reflection of herself
exhibiting clear paths
to light and smile,
new and exciting
with every new moment
that never goes back in time,
sun keeps moving like the earth
and daily comes with a new hope 
but if she doesn’t follow suit
and stagnates at a time
relishing what will never come back
instead of what’s right available,
who’s to be blamed?

Kaushal Kishore



  1. wow KK this is brilliant. i worked with someone today that could use your poem. I worked with her today on this very astute poem although, she never had kids. I’m going to forward it to her later. It also inspired me to revisit this morning and create my own words that might inspire a poem so thank you my friend. 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so lovely to hear from you, Cindy! It’s an honour that I’ll cherish. If my words can inspire someone, the very purpose of writing will be served. And who will understand someone’s mind better than you? Thank you so much! 💖💐🌹


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