Being Alone

The feelings of being alone
who else knows but the one
who chooses to be alone
either to watch
his roof day and night,
or to converse with birds
and plants in their dialects,
or to talk sense
and nonsense to self,
folly and ecstaticity together,
others may call it eccentricity…

But the feelings of being alone
who else knows but the one
who chooses to be alone,
when life wills to enter
an unknown phase,
when heart beats fall
into the rhythm of cerebrum
soothing every nerve and vein
in a perfect harmony,
to facilitate a companionship
of choice in the loneliness
that is often encountered
in the crowded places
these days…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest



  1. KK – Again you have managed to hit home with me and so many others. How often do we whine about being bored or lonely even when we have many friends and family and are occupied with jobs and hobbies? I, for one, cherish the days I get to be by myself with no one to interrupt my thoughts. How many of us go on our merry way oblivious to those who have no one in their lives and live with loneliness or feelings of abandonment every day? Thank you for always giving us something to think about. Very well done and lovely poem!

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    1. Thank you, Nancy for such a beautiful response. Feeling lonely in a crowd of people, our own people is a very frustrating experience. But being alone is different from loneliness, as I too believe that everybody should have some “me time”, his or her own personal space for creativity. Thanks for liking and commenting!!

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  2. Thank you, Kaushal, for raising in words so eloquently, the feeling of being lonely even in a crowd of people.
    Very apt as today the global population will reach 8 billion people!

    I think that writers need solitude to focus on their work. Also, solitude is essential when you immerse yourself in nature, like walking in the Himalayas.
    Being by yourself doesn’t equal loneliness as our brain is keeping us busy with
    interesting ideas, perhaps, how to prevent overpopulation, and how to help our planet sustain those numbers.
    Thank you, Kaushal, for another thought-provoking subject.


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    1. Thank you for your kind words of admiration. I’m with you, Joanna, that being by yourself is different from loneliness. Everybody should have some moments to spend with himself or herself to activate thought process. As regards population explosion, India is the worst affected, as it will surpass China next year to become the most populous country in the world.

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    1. Yes, Lam, it’s possible, because in that case, he may be alone, but he is truly with himself, enjoying his personal space, his “me-time.” Loneliness in fact is a state of mind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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  3. We all need time alone in order to spend quality time with ourselves, and to take a breath away from all the challenges. Feeling lonely is something different to ‘alone time,’ and can’t always be avoided- it’s part of the stuff of life, I think! I enjoyed reading your poem here 🙂

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    1. I’m thrilled to read your considered views and tend to agree with you that loneliness is different from solitude that provides some personal space for our own enrichment. Thank you for being here and sharing your beautiful reflections 😊

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