Neither the need to open the door,
nor the struggle
to get out of the house,
whenever I get time,
I sit by the window to look outside,
to forget what’s happening inside,
I see the colours,
I get some peace of mind
and a hundred reasons to smile,
when I see people
coming and going on roads,
away from the crowd, but so near…

I see birds flying and chirping,
dogs and cats moving aimlessly,
kids and teenagers
playing their own games,
plants and flowers busy
spreading their beauty and bounty,
I just get lost in them
and start daydreaming…

I had placed my reading table
near my window,
just to catch her glimpse,
the play of hide and seek
used to act as a catalyst
for better concentration
in reading my text books,
as also hers, live ones…

I look at the window closely
and then myself in the mirror,
this window is not that one,
but resemblance is there,
with a difference
that I see the same things
being replicated now by others,
sitting near their windows…

A smile plays across my lips,
I wonder if there would be a life,
without a window…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest



  1. बहुत ही सुन्दर कविता। यूं तो कविता भी संपूर्ण चित्रांकन कर रही है, पर चित्र भी सुंदर है।

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    1. आपको कविता अच्छी लगी, जानकर खुशी हुई। इस प्रशंसा से मैं अभिभूत हूं। बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद आपको!

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  2. Life would be very dark with no window, I’m afraid.
    I love the hide and seek relationship you show…sometimes a stranger can be quite an important part of your day!
    Thanks for the glimpse through the window, KK! 💞💞💞

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    1. I agree, a window has many uses. That’s why it’s a must, though it varies from person to person how it’s used. Thank you, Dawn for your interesting comment, as always 😊💖💖

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  3. Thank you, Kaushal, for following the birds’ essay with another one that resonates with everyone.
    You made so many important points; to have the garden inside the house, I put the mirrors, in every room as big as possible, opposite each window to reflect the flowering plants such as hydrangea, in vivid blue, and in many other striking colors.

    Now, daydreaming, when I do, I see myself in my beloved place, the Himalayas!
    Windows have so many connotations in the languages and in the consciences of the world.
    Thank you, Kaushal again for such a thought-inspiring article.


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    1. That’s a marvellous idea, Joanna, to put mirror in every room opposite each window. I also do, but not in every room. Your place of daydreaming is also unique. Do you have any specific place of the Himalayas in mind?
      Thank you, Joanna, for your kind words of appreciation and also for sharing your beautiful reflections!


  4. Nah Kaushal, I don’t think there would be a real life, without a window. My desk is near one and the natural light and nature flourish outside of it. I look out there often and embrace the blessings from what I see. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming poem my friend. 🏡🌞🏠

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    1. That’s the best thing you do, Kym! I think the main purpose of window is this. Thank you for liking the poem. I’m glad this resonates with you 😊💐🙏

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      1. Oh yes Kaushal. Beautifully done! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Honestly, it doesn’t take much to give me purpose. Something as simple as looking through a window simply brings that experience out. Stay well my friend. 😊🌟🤗🦋🤩

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  5. This poem beautifully explains the human need to be connected with nature, especially when it is cold and snowy. I was so happy when my husband remodeled an unused bedroom to my art studio. It faces the western mountain range of northeast Pennsylvania.

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    1. Wow! Art Studio! I can imagine its beauty and serenity. Your husband is so creative. Thank you, Mary, for appreciating the post and sharing your beautiful experience.


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