Heart’s Outbursts

I beat for you every moment
even when you are
in the safe confines
of Goddess Sleep’s lap,
taking care of each
and every part of your body
pumping the elixir of your life
with every breath
you inhale and exhale,
but just one day, this day, for me
christening it beautifully
as the World Heart Day?

It’s sheer injustice,
I’m your world
and you’re looking for
a different world altogether,
I’m the one,
who needs to be cajoled,
who needs to be taken care of,
every moment and every day,
not by ECG, ETT or 2D echo,
but by looking at my colour
that changes with every action
and thought of yours,
and at my wrinkles that develop
due to your apathy and inaction…

I also need
my friendly hearts
to chat with them all the time
to open myself,
so that you don’t go to a surgeon
to force me open
with his unfriendly tools
and their bizarre looks...

I also prefer to feel light
don’t cheat or hurt other’s hearts
that hurts me deep inside,
use me for every heart
to bring all the friends together
that brings shine in your eyes
and smile on your face,
if you stroke me
affectionately, always,
I’ll have no attack or stroke…

Take my advice heartily
as I’m meant for you only…

P.S. My heart speaks up on the occasion of the World Heart Day.

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest



  1. Dear Kaushal, your today’s creation is one that will stay in our hearts forever!
    Just reading the words from”your heart” made me feel better. Thank you!
    I love your pictures, especially the one nature created to make a heart-shaped window in a rock formation!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really so happy to read your wonderful comment, coming direct from your heart. Thank you so much, Joanna! It means more than I can say in words.


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