भ्रम / Illusion

जब भी देखता हूं मैं
खुद को आईने में,
एक परछाई सी दिखती है
तुम्हारी मेरे इर्द गिर्द,
अगर यह भ्रम है मेरा
तो ऐसा ही रहने दो,
क्या मालूम अगर
यह सच हो जाए एक दिन…


Whenever I look at myself
in the mirror,
a shadow looks like yours
around me,
if it’s my illusion
then let it be so,
who knows
if it will come true, one day…

–Kaushal Kishore
image: Min An/ Pexels



    1. There is not much difference, Lisa, to my mind. Though the two are extreme ends, the common point is love that turns unconditional from conditional. Thank you for this interesting comment. You too have a great week ahead.🌻

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