ध्यान / Meditation

तुमसे ध्यान हटाने के लिए
मैं ने शुरू किया
ध्यान लगाना,
लेकिन कर नहीं सका,
बेशक ध्यान की परिभाषा ही
बदल गई मेरी…


To take my mind off you
I started meditating,
but could not,
of course my definition
of meditation itself
has changed…

P.S. ध्यान (dhyan) in Hindi means
both attention and meditation.

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Slowly, Kaushal, I am learning with your help double the meaning of some Hindi words, often a surprise, as one word has two opposite meanings. This is a sophistication that can only be admired.
    As to your ditty, Kaushal, if you pay attention rather than meditate, you might find something interesting…


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    1. Yes, Joanna, there are a number of words, in every language (like bank in English) has two or more meanings. That can be very well utilised by poets to express different hues of feelings. Thank you. As for ditty, you are right, meditation turned into attention only.


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