A Dream about Dreams

I had a dream last night,
buying a number of dreams,
with an idea to make them servile,
but a smart buyer
appeared from nowhere..

Dreams started playing truant
their grumbling grew louder
I increased the bet,
some smarter bidders also jumped in
and started kicking the price…

My currency was weak
it didn’t sustain pressure from others
and fell down miserably 
my dream also shattered
with an abrupt thud,
I was where I was…🌀

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pinterest


    1. Shares and stocks are always beneficial in the long run, but in the short run, it’s trading or betting, that is not desirable, as you also believe. Thank you, Joanna for your thoughtful comment.


  1. Sometimes when I wake up, I can go back to sleep and continue the dream. Other times dreams are truly elusive as in your magnificent poem! I hope that thud at the end was not you falling out of bed, KK 🙂 Thank you for this intriguing look at dreams. ❤

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    1. No, thankfully, I didn’t fall out of bed, but it’s amazing that you continue the same dream when you go to sleep again. It’s like intermission of the dream. I also dream after the break, but not the same one. Good one, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing this 😊💖

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