भरोसा / Trust

अपनी तो यादें ही अच्छी हैं
गिरती पड़ती कम से कम
आ तो जाती हैं…
सपनों का भला क्या भरोसा
रात भर की नींद में भी
दगा दे जाती हैं…


My memories are good,
at least these come
faltering to me…
how can I trust the dreams
that elude even after
full night’s sleep…!

–Kaushal Kishore

Image:Victoria Memorial by Pixabay



  1. Even the first thing in the morning (here, UK), you manage, Kaushal, to create an illuminating and interesting post. The very apt photograph of Victoria Memorial dedicated of course, to memories
    is irresistible to know more about. Your elegant musing about trusting dreams, I would normally say that dreams never realize, but with your talent, you have persuaded me, that they do.


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    1. Your last lines remind me of Dr Abdul Kalam, who had said that dreams are not those which you see while sleeping, but dreams are those which don’t let you sleep. I’m really grateful for your kind words for me. Thank you, Joanna.
      As for Victoria Memorial, I have some beautiful memories related with this. Whenever I go to Kolkata, I visit this place.


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