Change the Vision

When I was nominated to head Dadar Mumbai branch, everybody started coming to wish me good luck. It was a usual practice, but some of them were aware of an unusual thing. It was believed that something untoward happens to person, who heads the branch.

Unmindful of these canards, I started winding up the things at my commercial branch. I was relieved from this branch on Wednesday to take over at Dadar the very next day.

But surprisingly on that day, I started feeling uneasy and got dysentery. Some of my colleagues started laughing at me, but I didn’t care. While going back to home, I met my family doctor who examined me thoroughly, prescribed some medicines and advised complete rest.

It didn’t deter me from going ahead. When I reported at Dadar branch on Thursday, new colleagues were taken aback by my presence. They were not at all expecting me to join the very next day despite my illness.

I got busy with my branch business, as my boss had high expectations from me. Business growth was really a challenge and he was expecting that I would go for some big ticket business to improve the overall productivity and profitability of the branch.

But just after two weeks of joining the branch, my younger son had to be hospitalised due to pneumonia. It was another setback for me. He continued in the hospital for two weeks. My colleagues advised me to do some worship and Havana, as the Vastu of the building was not appropriate.

I was not convinced. I thought, ‘if Vastu is bad, then why for the Head only, why not for others working in the branch?’ Whatever happened to me and my son might be a sheer coincidence, and it was anyway going to happen irrespective of the branch where I was posted.

I continued unfazed and booked some innovative business with addition of new supporting clientele, apart from doing some community service. I adopted a deaf and dumb school for extending help from the Bank. I continued there for almost three and half years and it proved to be one of my most successful assignments.

If Vastu is not good, change the house. If child doesn’t score high, change the school. If job is not satisfactory, change it. If spouse is not compatible, simply change. Change this thing, that thing, everything, but not the self, our own thinking. I, therefore, conclude with this beautiful piece of poem-

नजर को बदलो, नजारे बदल जायेंगे
सोच को बदलो, सितारे बदल जायेंगे
कश्तियाँ बदलने की जरुरत नहीं यारों
दिशा को बदलो, किनारे बदल जायेंगे…

(Change the vision,
the views will change
change your thinking
the stars will change
there is no need
to change boats, friends
change the direction,
the shores will change…)

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Thank you, Kaushal, for your wonderful essay about common sense and your well-known outstanding business ability. Vistu reminds me of another superstition – Feng shui.

    I love your message, the presentation, and the poem!


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      1. Thank u Sir, I am just a beginner whenever u r free give them a read and I ll be pleased if u can tell me the amendments which can be made
        Actually I am a commerce student, I started writing just to express my feelings.

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