1. I’m not sure if the”someone” at the back door was well-intentioned..there is a slight ominous feeling to this poem and the photo too Kaushal..but I have always thought when you wait or wish too hard for something…it usually comes in the back door when it’s the last thing on your mind. Those back door entries are alwats wonderful surprises…so…which is it Kaushal?

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    1. A very nice question, Karima. You can fathom the depth of the meaning, I know. The thing is that it can be interpreted in either way. In fact, I had started it with a propitious feeling only, but later thought to make it a bit ambiguous, on a lighter note. Thank you so much 😊💐🙏

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  2. Someone has to take the initiative… this standing at the window waiting… standing at the door wondering… can leave me at home anxious… so why not use my phone, and enter her mind by the backdoor…? she, and I, can discuss US… over dinner…

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    1. Haha, someone already took initiative 🙂 But thank you Moriba for such a noble idea and offer. You are a great soul, thanks 🤗😊


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