The Happiness

Today morning, I came across the above picture of a famous painting by Abidin Dino. The great Turkish poet, Nazim Hikmat once asked his friend and one of the most prolific intellectuals of Turkish modern art, Abidin Dino, to draw a picture of HAPPINESS.

He drew this picture of a large family, cramped up on a broken bed, wetting under a leaky roof, in a shabby room, but still smile on each member’s face.

Happiness is not the absence of sufferings, but the acceptance thereof. We must see the good around us even in trying situations, without worrying about the things which are beyond our control.

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Wow Sir, the pictures n your perfect writing has touched my ❤. So lovely n lively art. I feel really great to find this post to know about the great artist who spilled smiles in his paintings and still filling many hearts with motivation being alive in the beautiful paintings. No words are sufficient.
    Just happy smiles, it reminded me of my joint family of 30 members. My child hood golden days. Thank you 🙂💖👍

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    1. You made me nostalgic about my childhood days. Those were the real days. I fully agree with you. Now the concept of joint family is becoming esoteric. Thank you, Suma for coming out with such a beautiful description. I really appreciate your words and feelings 🙏💐😊


      1. Pleasure was all mine reading your Beautiful post Sir. Happy to hear your similar child hood to mine. Yah my thoughts n feelings still dwell in the same crowd where I born n brought up. Though now it’s totally devided into many pieces which is so sad part. BTW thanks for sharing your precious thoughts. 🙂🙏💖💖

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  2. YES KK, thank you so much for this powerful reminder!!! I absolutely love it and your words speak to my soul!!! You inspire me yet again, my awesome friend 🖤🤗

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      1. Of course, it’s always a pleasure 🤗.

        Also, I’m having some weird comment issues, you know WP 🤪…so, hopefully you got my reply back to your touching comment on my loyalty piece 🙏🏻.


    1. I have also lived in a joint family and know what kind of life it is. Sure of love, laughter, empathy and protection, though small bickerings were also there. But in all, a nostalgic experience. Thank you, Michele for reading and sharing your beautiful reflections 🙏💐

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    1. So sorry, Cheryl. You have rightly said that in the hour of grief, mere presence of near and dear ones is comforting one. Thanks and take care. Stay blessed 🙏💐

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  3. I love this, it’s so true. I visited Ethiopia a couple of years ago and helped out at the street kid’s breakfast. The children there had nothing but what struck me…they were all so happy.

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    1. It’s so nice that you shared your experience. This speaks volumes of the innocence the children carry. Thank you so much for reading and and your comment!!

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    1. You are right. In fact happiness is a choice, a state of mind. Thank you for reading the post and sharing your beautiful thoughts 🙏


  4. This is beautiful and a heartwarming. The choice of Happiness. The painting is rich with emotions showing a loving and happy family regardless of their surroundings and situations. A thought to remember and take upon in todays life, thank you for the post.

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    1. Happiness rests in mind. Physical aspects come later. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your beautiful reflections 🙏💐


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