पत्थर-दिल / Stone-hearted

हर कोई नहीं होता
कुछ पत्थरों में 
छिपे होते हैं झरने भी…


Not everyone
is stone-hearted,
some stones have
hidden springs too…

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pinterest



  1. You are cleverly implying in this ditty a double meaning, Kaushal, as we know
    about the spiritual stones raised by ancient sages in a few sacred parts of the world. One such place is the Stonehenge in The United Kingdom. There is one in India, and one in Peru. All three places are unique in the world because of their extraordinary connection with the Universe. I won’t take your space, Kaushal, to elaborate more here, but just to add that the spirituality of those stones act like a magnet and attracts thousands of people to visit, and they all receive a feeling of blessing and wellbeing.
    And stone-hearted people will get their punishment in the afterlife because
    God designed our hearts to be soft.
    Thank you, Kaushal, for the perfect picture!


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    1. Thank you, Joanna, for sharing this wonderful information about Stonehenge. But unfortunately I haven’t seen the one in India. Whatever you reflected here is however of paramount importance and I appreciate it.
      Who has seen the afterlife, Joanna? I think one gets both reward and punishment here only in this life. Thanks again for liking the post and picture!


    1. So happy to hear that from you, Kym! And you are right, surprises are always there. Thanks so much for sharing your kind thoughts 😊💖🙏

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  2. Beautiful thought to go with the perfect picture..Stones are hard by nature but shaping them, seeing their potential you can express even love with them and love is capable of “cracking open” even stone -cold people and discovering a river of warmth inside. Beautifl Kaushal! Congratulations!

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    1. Very true, Karima, you can achieve anything with love. I love what you have said in a poetic way. And we are the people who see God in stones. Love has no limit. Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful comment 😊💖🙏

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