लाचार / Helpless

इस दुनिया में
जब हम आते है,
कोरा कागज़ ही होते हैं
फिर लकीरें पड़ती जाती हैं,
और रंग भरते जाते हैं,
पर वापस जाने का
कोई विकल्प नहीं,
कितने लाचार
होते हैं हम!


We come to this world
as blank papers,
but gradually
lines are drawn,
and colors are filled in,
with no option
to go back
to the original state,
so helpless we are!

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pinterest



  1. Thank you, Kaushal, for writing on such an important topic.

    Romans had a good description of the way we arrive in this world –

    Tabula rasa – clean slate, that is why it is of utmost importance that the parents and teachers “write” on this slate everything that will make their children decent grown-up people.

    When my children we growing up, I use to talk about everything one should be and why, such as being kind, grateful, observant, helpful to others, and learning as an all-rounder, not just what one finds of interest.

    There is no second chance and no going back in time, that is why we should strive that no life is wasted.



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    1. Thank you, Joanna, for reminding me of Tabula rasa, which is a fabulous concept and relatable here. I know you are not only an ideal person, but also an ideal mom. That’s why your daughters are so well placed. I agree that we should live to the fullest, as there is no second chance. Thanks so much !


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