My Wonderful Mother

I was the youngest in the house, but I was my mother’s dearest, most loved one. My early education took place under the guidance of my mother, and it was under her influence that I never had to take tuitions in my life.

I don’t know how she used to know about my health or what I wanted, from my facial expression and gestures. One day I was craving for halwa and within minutes I had halwa ready for my breakfast. Maybe because she knew me nine months earlier than anyone else.

One day in my childhood, I was standing in the kitchen holding my mother’s pallu (stole), when my hand fell in the hot oil, and due to the blisters, all the five fingers merged into one. Mother felt that this happened because of her negligence. She was crying more than me. She didn’t leave me alone for a moment until I got better. Every now and then I would see tears in her eyes, as if she was feeling my pain.

My mother had been through a lot, but she used to say, time moves on, “Not all days are the same.” These words proved to be true literally for the family.

Even in her last days when she used to hold my hand in her emaciated hands, the sparkle in her eyes and the expression of happiness on her face was amazing, which used to overwhelm me. It seemed as if she had found something priceless.

Whenever I was with her, not a day went by when I didn’t kiss her cheeks. She used to smile sometimes that even after growing up so much, there was no change in my nature. It was so natural, because her nature too remained unchanged till her last moments.

I wish this would never end, but we are all helpless, as destiny holds upper hand.

Exactly three years ago, on this day my mother breathed her last. Here I have talked about my mother, but I believe that most mothers are equally wonderful.

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. The tributes to your wonderful mother, Kaushal, always move me to tears. You know how I feel about her, and that I revere her as someone uniquely special.
    Yes, fate has the upper hand and that is why you have been blessed then and you are now.
    And not all mothers are as special as she was.


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    1. Your touching words and deep reflections made me sentimental, Joanna! Your attachment to my mother is praiseworthy. Thanks so much!I’ll remain indebted to you. Sorry for late reply, as I’m busy and a bit indisposed.


      1. Don’t worry about replying, Kaushal, I know you are busy, everything can wait as you will be back soon, and I hope feeling better. I will always revere your wonderful mother!


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      2. You’re welcome, Joanna! I’ll always cherish and treasure your words of reverence for my mother 🙏💐


  2. Oh my goodness Kaushal, what a wonderful and heart-warming tribute to your beautiful mother. Mother’s have that innate sensitivity about their children…and they KNOW! This year makes 20 years since my mom left, but remembering what a beautiful soul she was keeps me going, still striving to try to be the best person she raised me to be. I think your mother did an outstanding job my friend. I believe she continues to smile down on you and the life you are living. 🥰💐🤗🦋😊

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    1. Sorry to know about your mother, Kym! Mother is so precious, especially when she had to take of her children single-handedly, when my father expired when I was just 12. Thanks for your soothing words that mean so much coming from you 😊💖💐🙏

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      1. Oh Kaushal, you tug at my heartstrings with your story, and I sobbed as I read your words about how much you loved your mother and how much she loved you. There is something so intimate about the love a mother shares with her children. I don’t think you ever stop grieving, no matter how much time goes by. I admire how touching your posts are when you express them so eloquently. Thank you for that Kaushal. 😊💖🤗🌺😍

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      2. You’re right, Kym, not a single day passes without remembering her. In fact, we can’t forget her love and sacrifice for us. Thank you for your appreciation that I’ll cherish 💐💖🙏

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    1. Yes, she lived a long life, because she wanted to carry out her responsibilities after the sudden demise of her husband, when we were still in infancy or early teens. That’s why her presence did matter a lot. Thank you, Pat for your generous words!

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  3. Kaushal, you done good with this tribute. Made me think of my old lady. A mother’s love is unconditional and is still felt even when they aren’t present. Loved this tribute mate. 💙

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  4. This is such a lovely memoire; thank you for allowing us to share it with you.
    Your mother sounds like a very loving, intuitive and nurturing woman. One can plainly see where you get your compassionate nature, KK. I have no doubt she is smiling down upon you, her dearest and most loved one, today and every day. 💫 ✨

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    1. I can’t thank you enough, Nancy!Yes, she brought us up while suffering a lot. We could feel her pains, but she never expressed in words. You’re right, I feel her presence every time, every day. 🙏💐

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  5. Wow what a beautiful tribute to your dear mother, KK. This was a gift to read, I love all the little details. Thank you for sharing her story, you honor her so amazingly with your touching words 🤍🤗

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