Real Rose

Take roses, take beautiful roses,
last evening an innocent child,
barefoot, in tattered clothes,
was screaming and running
from person to person…

He didn’t know
why people were buying roses,
and what day it was,
but for him
it would certainly be
a good day
if all his roses are sold
by the end of the day…

He was given some roses
with instructions to sell them
at a fixed price,
some people went ahead
after asking the price,
while some bought,
and for every rose so bought,
a rose blossomed
on his soft cheeks…

I also bought one
just to see one on his cheeks,
but I still wonder,
which is the real rose,
the one that blooms
on his cheeks or the one
that stings in his hands…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest



      1. Thank you, KK. I’m having a spinal stenosis/arthritis flare up and I’m fatigued from a bit too much babysitting. They go hand-in-hand, I’m sure. I will be fine; I just need to rest and ice the sore areas. Thank you for your well wishes! 💕

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  1. Oh wow, dear KK…this is such a moving and touching piece! The emotions you captured here are palpable and so exquisitely put. I love all your different perspectives on roses, fascinating to read! Magnificently done as always, my friend 🤍🤗

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