Use, But Be Careful

While taking an early morning or evening walk, crossing the street, boarding a metro, travelling in a bus, sipping coffee in a café or just a call in the office, throughout the day we encounter several people listening to music or talking through earphones. There is nothing unusual in it, as earphones have made our life easier.

However, sometimes these remind me of hearing aids or ear machines used by people who are hard of hearing. How ironic that some people use such devices out of compulsion, while some do it as a hobby.

But while driving or walking on the road, it is quite dangerous to talk or enjoy music with earphones in your ear. Due to this, the sound of other vehicles running on the road does not reach the ear and there is every possibility of an accident. Increased use of earphones has been leading to a dramatic rise in in the number of road accidents as being reported in the newspapers every day.

When we are in a crowd and want to listen to something of our choice, we should listen by wearing earphones. However, by letting our earphones be plugged in too much, we might not be disturbing the people around us, but we certainly are harming ourselves enough without taking note of it.

Earphones produce sound waves that reach our ears, making the eardrum vibrate. This vibration spreads to the inner ear via the small bones and reaches the cochlea which is a chamber in the inner ear that is filled with a fluid and consists of thousands of small ’hairs’. When this vibration reaches the cochlea, the fluid vibrates making the hairs also move. The louder the sound, the stronger the vibrations and the more the hairs move.

The long-term exposure to loud music makes the hair cells eventually lose their sensitivity to vibration.

Earphones may affect our ears in the following 8 ways:

1. Hearing loss (including noise induced)
2. Dizziness
3. Ear infection
4. Excessive ear wax
5. Pain in the ears
6. Effect on the brain
7. Tinnitus (ringing or buzzing sound)
8. Hyperacusis (high sensitivity to normal sound)

The following 6 tips may help to prevent hearing damage from earphones:

1. Keep the volume and duration low
2. Make use of noise-cancelling headphones
3. Use over-the-ear-model
4. Regularly sanitize the headphones
5. Avoid using earphones in a noisy area
6. Adopt 60/60 rule (vol 60% and max 60 minutes)

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that around a billion young people across the globe could be at the risk of hearing loss because of the unsafe listening habits, they practise through earphones.

Technology is the most necessary evil of our times and earphones or headphones are no exception.
The inventions of science are meant to make our life simple and easy. We just need to use them carefully.

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Sir, you are making me nervous with this blog
    as this is categorized as a health blog.

    I’ve seen a lot of people at the gym hearing music from the ear pods and headphones. Now there’s already music in the gym, then to counter that you need to increase the volumes in your air. That way, you are harming your ears badly.
    Those people will not understand it now, probably when they have hearing problems then.

    Great share

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    1. Oh no, don’t be nervous, I can’t harm you. I won’t invade your space. 😊
      High volume and long time use are going to harm ears. Your last paragraph tells the real thing. Such people who are now using earpods, will have to use hearing aids when they grow old. In any case, their ears will have to bear this burden. Thank you, Devang, for this wonderful comment.


      1. oh it’s the pits.. i only do when I need to and lost one and only have one but it’s frustrating to talk to me if I don’t have one in. I actually have an inner ear disease which can be fixed with surgery but then I’ll hear everything.. 🤣

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  2. There are several reasons I never took a liking to earphones or “earbuds” as they’re called now, but the major reason is the fact that they always give me a headache. One of the weirdest things I see almost every day is someone walking and talking on their phone while wearing earphones. I always think they are either talking to me and reply with “excuse me?” or else I think they are talking to themselves, in which case I usually stay far, far away! 🎧

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    1. Hahaha, this is exactly what happened with me many times. Once I was sitting in a restaurant, then came a young lady saying something and coming to me. The happiness turned into a big embarrassment. Later I saw she was wearing a small bluetooth. I had also written a ditty on this. But on a serious note, I appreciate you for not using earpods. Thank you, Nancy for this interesting comment 😊

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  3. My newsagent, Mr Patel, who wonderfully run his shop before he retired, he used the teenagers to deliver the papers. I was always amazed to see them wearing the headphones all the time. Once, I told one boy, if someone came behind him, you would not know who killed you. He was not amused, especially because to hear me he had to take off his headphones for a few seconds.
    I was given expensive headphones but I hate not to hear everything but in a natural way. Lisenig to Mozart feeling the room with his divine sound is the only way for me.


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    1. Yes, Joanna, people feel offended even when you give a sane advice. I very sparingly use earphone, when I’m in a function etc. I like your idea of divine music as I also like to listen to light music in the room at low volume. Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts and experience!


  4. What a great article. Thank you as you may have just help save my hearing. I use the noise canceling ones, they are bigger than my head and look ridiculous but when I am writing sometimes I like to listen to music. I have noticed that after a day of playing music too loud my ears do hurt and sometimes we both have ringing in our ears. Thank you KK. Bless your heart for caring enough to help us with something that is such a blessing – one of our senses. Big hugs and love, Joni

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    1. Thank you, Joni for this wonderful reflection of yours. You seem to be a music lover, it’s a good thing, I too like it, but you know I have a stereo system in my room that I use for listening to music. Only drawback is that I can’t take it while walking on road. But it’s better to take care of ears. I’m glad that you found this post meaningful. God bless you 🙏💐

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      1. Yes it was a reminder I needed to hear. We can’t avoid the information you provided. Honestly we all can use some downtime with all of our online activities. My eyes actually hurt by the end of the day. The Dr. Has told me to put eye drops in every hour but who stops writing when they are truly inspired. Blessings my dear friend. Love, prayers and blessings to your family always. ❤️🌹🦋🙏

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      2. So true, Joni, there is a need for all of us to reduce the screen time as well. I’m glad you’re so conscious of this fact. My best wishes to you and your family 😊💖🥀🙏


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