God’s Daughter

I came across a video that tugged at my heart’s strings. It’s a silent conversation between a dad and his little daughter in the court room.

I’m talking of Deiva Thirumagan (God’s Daughter), a poetical tale of love and affection between a mentally challenged dad and his 5 year old angelic daughter.

The story of this Tamil movie in brief is as under:

Krishna, an intellectually disabled man lives in the hill station of Ooty, where he works in Victor’s chocolate factory. He becomes a father, but his wife Banumathy dies during childbirth. Krishna simply accepts that she has gone to God, and starts raising her daughter, Nila, with love and care, helped by his friends and Victor.

Nila in school comes across Shwetha, but when she sees Nila with Krishna, she comes to know that Nila is her sister’s daughter, her own niece. Banumathy had become estranged from his father upon choosing to marry Krishna.

Banumathy’s father tricks Krishna into taking Nila away from him. While wandering here and there and asking passersby where Nila is, he reaches a court, and files a case in the court for his daughter’s custody.

Finally, the defendant advocate asks Krishna about how he can raise his daughter and support her financially, but after a quick show of father-daughter connection and affection, he withdraws the case, and gives the custody of Nila to Krishna.

After some days, Krishna takes Nila back to Shwetha so that she can have financial stability and that she can become a doctor, and he returns to work at Victor’s chocolate factory.

The theme may have similarities with some other films, but the courtroom scene that moved me, is here for you to see:

–Kaushal Kishore



    1. Yes, apart from Vikram and little Sara, the roles of Anushka, Amla and Sachin are also superb. It’s a great movie. I understand it was based on a real story.


  1. Thank you for sharing this dear Kaushalji 💞🙏 Tears rolling down my eyes with joy and love. Until today I have not seen this film as I know I would cry seeing it. Heard from many it is a very touching film.

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    1. You’re right, Krishna ji, it’s a very touching, tear jerking movie, but an experience in itself to watch it. Thanks a lot for sharing your deep reflections!

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  2. Thank you, Kaushal, for the review and the video of the film “God’s daughter”.
    The scene in the court room moved me to tears, just like must have entire audience when being shown. To be loved so safelessly it should’ve been a right of every child. Thank you.


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    1. I agree with you, Joanna, it’s a very touching movie showing emotions flowing from screen to audience. I’m glad you liked it. Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts.


  3. Wow thank you for sharing, dear KK!!! One can’t help but feel the emotion in the heart. Thank you again for such a moving post and wise reminder – we all appreciate you 🤍🤗

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