मैं कौन हूं? /Who Am I?

कुछ लोग मजाक उड़ाते हैं
मेरी मासूमियत का,
लेकिन कुछ दूसरे लोग समझते हैं
कि मैं जरूरत से ज्यादा होशियार हूं,
मैं सोच में पड़ जाता हूं
कि मैं कौन हूं…


Some people make fun
of my innocence,
but some other people think,
that I’m too smart,
I wonder,
who I am…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. A paradox is the best thing to be, my friend!!! A beautiful beautiful piece, dear KK. I love how your words bring the sense that only you can know who you truly are – so wisely done!! 🤍🤗🤍🤗

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  2. One can only find out who one is by the legacy of ones deeds, Kaushal.
    What is left behind us and how enduring it is will be the only undisputable truth.
    Remember, Mendeleev, or the great reformers or people like you, Kaushal,
    who strived to lead well lived life, are all going to be immortal because they are being remembered by the world, or their communities, or like your mother made unforgetable by your writing. It is the memory of their egsistence that is the key factor in who they were.


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    1. Thank you, Joanna, for your touching words and deep reflections. I agree with every word of yours, and I have nothing more to add here. You made me speechless, but you made my day. I forgot my ditty. That’s why I say my post is incomplete without your comment. Deeply appreciated!


    1. My God! What a lovely thought! And so truthful! I’m grateful to you for sharing this famous, well-meaning quote. Much, much appreciated 🙏💐


  3. Always a great question to pursue. The ancients have tilled great tomes seeking an answer.
    Yet, you are right, Kaushal…are we what others say about us or is there something deeper that we have forgotten hence our many toils seeking the answer to: Who am I? Great thought-provoking piece

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    1. I’m impressed with your well considered view on this aspect, Suzette! I agree with every word of yours. It’s all within us to find out who we are. Thank you so much, Suzette for your beautiful reflections!

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