हमारे अपने / Our Own

दुख में तो हम
याद करते हैं अपनों को,
लेकिन सुख में भूल जाते हैं उन्हें,
फिर भी जो वास्तव में अपने होते हैं,
वे हमारे सुख की ही कामना करते हैं…


We remember
our loved ones in sorrow,
but forget them in happiness,
yet those who are really our own,
wish always for our happiness only…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Ooooo so perfectly and deeply said, my friend. I absolutely love this. What a powerful message…having a small circle with people who are genuinely happy for you is so much better than a big circle with people who aren’t. Thank you for this brilliant reminder, KK!!!! Amazingly done as always 🤍🤗

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    1. Thank you, Grace for sharing your perspective that I appreciate. It’s a common sight that even if a person is ignored, he or she always wishes and prays for that person without expecting anything in return. That person gets happiness out of others’ well-being. Thanks again for your kind words 😊💖

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