जवान / Young

एक बार बड़े प्यार से
जिंदगी ने प्यार से पूछा,
तुम्हारी उम्र क्या है?
प्यार ने शरमाते हुए बोला,
मैं तो हमेशा जवान रहती हूं
दिलों के अंदर…


Life once
lovingly asked Love,
how old are you?
Love said shyly,
I’m forever young
inside hearts…

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pinterest



  1. Thank you, Kaushal, for stating the eternal truth, that it is Love that propels forward the world.
    Love is in the poetry, art, music, and mythology of all religions.

    Love in confines of the heart never cease to be, it reaches everywhere,
    like silence, the light or feeling.

    “Love is the only answer, regardless of question.”
    .Dr Prem Jagyasi.


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    1. What a beautiful and thoughtful comment, Joanna! Loved it. And thanks for sharing the lovely quote on love by one whose first name in Hindi means Love.


  2. Ok this might be a current favorite of mine!!!! I LOVE it. Life asking love a question is such a genius thought, it totally connects with the heart of the reader. Magically done as always, my friend 🤍🤗

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