भाग्य / Destiny

हमारी हथेली की रेखाएं
हमारे भाग्य में क्या है,
यह बताएं या न बताएं,
लेकिन हथेलियां मिलकर
अपनी पांचों अंगुलियों के साथ,
भाग्य जरूर लिख सकती हैं…


The lines on our palms
may or may not tell
what is in our destiny,
but palms can
definitely write the destiny
together with their five fingers…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. OMG!!! I absolutely love this and your perspective on destiny. Such a glorious piece, this one will definitely stay with me for a while. Magically and masterfully done as always, my friend 🤍🤗

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      1. I can relate. Perhaps one day I will declare to be an adept in one or more of the many mysteries I find to possibly be worth the irreplaceable time to delve into its depths. It is easy for me to decide that responsibilities alone possess the power to keep me scattered both mentally & physically, allowing me to excuse myself for not being a better researcher or practitioner.

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