You never wore
an expensive silk saree,
but you always made sure
everyone in the house
dressed decently…

We had never seen you
taking out time
to groom yourself
but you always kept us
all well groomed…

We used to laugh
at your frugality,
but you never let us feel
any shortage in the house…

When we used
to celebrate festivals,
you were busy in the kitchen,
just how to add more flavour
to those moments of happiness…

Burn marks on hand,
cut marks on fingers,
or at times cracked heels
never bothered you
while performing your duties,
standing in the centre
of the gravity of the house…

We used to think that
you don’t know how to live,
but while doing all these things,
you taught us how to live…

You used to pray
every morning with wet hairs,
so that you can soak our hearts
with God’s love and blessings
blended with your own affection…

Even today mom
I reach for you in my memories,
and find the same loving touch
that has been with me,

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. You, of course, know, Kaushal, that the posts dedicated to your beloved mother, immortalized by your beautiful poems and your memory, are my favorite, as I revered her for a very long time. I will remember her always too as a great creator of your happy childhood, and your outstanding personality.
    Your heartfelt tribute to your mother shows in every verse where
    your courtesy, loyalty, diligent work ethic, and love of the world and people, come from; it is her selfless example of how to live a good, God-fearing
    life that shaped yours. And, anyone’s life can stand a little of that.
    If I can just ask you one thing, if possible, could we have one
    photograph of your mother as a young woman?


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    1. You’re absolutely right, Joanna, I have inculcated so many qualities from my mother. Being the youngest son, I was closest to her. Today morning, I was writing something else, but then came the news of the sad demise of our PM Modi’s mother at the age of 100. She was relatable to my mother in many respects. I thank you, Joanna, from the bottom of my heart, for your kind words. As I have said, my mom must be blessing you for your love and respect for her. Aa regards her photograph of younger days, I don’t think I have, and whatever one or two I have, those are of later years, and in groups.

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  2. Kaushalji ,that was a great tribute to your loving mother through this graceful poem of yours !The lines- ” Even today mom
    I reach for you in my memories,
    and find the same loving touch
    that has been with me”, has touched our hearts & we can visualize your extent of sadness that must be engulfing you remembering dear mother !By the way, my mother is still around( 86 yrs old) & I still play with her like her child of the bygone era!May our solemn prayers for a peaceful soul reach your mother wherever she is!

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    1. You’re very fortunate, Dhirendra ji in this respect. I wish a longer happy life. Try to keep her in good humour. And thank you for your kind words for my mother and poem on her. This certainly means a lot.

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  3. Awww KK, this is deeply beautiful on so many levels. The love flowing throughout is simply palpable. And the ending is my favorite…the heart in every word of this piece makes your words dance together. Amazing as always, my friend 🤍🤍

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      1. Oh God can be, and is everywhere, He is supreme.
        Mothers have their own place, in fact the highest place near God. Paradise lies under the feet of good mothers. And the way we can achieve it, is by respecting and being kind with our mothers.

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