दिशा-परिवर्तन / Diversion

अपनी संपर्क सूची में
उसे न पाकर,
मैं ढूंढता हूं उसे गूगल पर,
जो इतने सारे विकल्प दे देता है
कि मैं तलाश करने लगता हूँ
किसी और की…


Not finding him
in my contact list,
I search for him on google,
which throws so many options
that I start looking for
someone else…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Oh wow KK, what a piece! I love the simplicity of this experience and the way you tied it into something much deeper. Beautifully and cleverly done as always, dear friend 🤍🤍

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  2. I don’t need to tell you, Kaushal, that your work is always brilliant, and this
    clever ditty is no exception. The included picture adds perfectly to our pleasure of reading your meaningful words.
    I have the same problem when looking for anyone called Patel.


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    1. Today I spent quite sometime on Google search, but to no avail. Thank you, Joanna, for your kind admiration for both ditty and picture. It certainly means a lot to me.

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    1. You’re absolutely right, Karima, internet has become a necessary evil. You can’t live without it despite its shortcomings. Thank you for liking it and sharing your reflections!!


  3. This reminds me of some forms of reading material, the likes of which, if someone were to ask me of what I read, “What did you learn?” To which I’d say, “Well, I can’t explain it.” To then be asked, “What was it about?” To which I’d respond, “Well, it’s ambiguous, but maybe not, either way I can relate.” The questions would probably cease here and head-scratching would take over. : )
    Also, that is a very neat and beautiful photo.

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    1. It put smile on my face. Very well said, Dawn! I loved it, so appropriate here. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful anecdote.


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