On-line Gaming and Gambling

Nowadays, we come across a lot of advertisements for online gaming / gambling in newspapers and on TV and even through messages in mobile.

In 1959, A Hindi film called “Satta Bazar” starring Balraj Sahni and Meena Kumari was released in 1959. The movie was based on the evil of betting by showing families getting destroyed due to the addiction of gambling. 

In old days, Sarrafa Bazar in Indore used to be the epicentre of betting in Indore. Will the rain water drip from a particular shop during the next rains or not? There used to be a bet on such useless issues. But the speculators kept gazing at the sky.

Everyone knows Ratan Khatri, who was the founder and king of Satta Matka that lasted for decades under his control.

Time has changed and so has the form of betting. Now it’s called online gaming. Now everyone has mobile, through which money can be easily transferred online. 

In the advertisements of these games, big players and even actors encourage us to play. There is a flood of such messages daily in our mobile phones.

In the beginning, a small amount is also given free as an incentive to start playing. Their software is designed in such a way that in the beginning the player is benefited, in order to lure the beginners, to ensnare them in their net.

As the game progresses gradually, the amount keeps increasing, and then the real game starts, of losing. In order to compensate the losses, people continue playing and taking losses after losses.

Many children, I know, who have no income of their own, have lost thousands of rupees in this online gaming.

It is such an addiction, that is not only affecting children and youngsters, but also destroying families. The cases of committing crimes and suicides have also been reported.

It is possible that someone has also made a profit, but the majority of players have suffered losses. It has been banned in some states, but it’s upto us to see and assess what’s in our own interest.

Hedging is okay to some extent, as it’s done to avoid risk, but sheer speculation means gambling that involves high risk. But there is always a very thin line between speculation and hedging.

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. It is indeed very risky. But I do not think cricketers are promoting anything which involves betting. Mostly they promote apps through which people can make teams using certain amount and then after the match they are rewarded according to how much impact their selected players had.

    I don’t know if this is betting or not. I don’t trust it either. I will say that unless people have atleast the basic knowledge of the system of such apps, do not play. Keep your money safe.

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    1. I know MS Dhoni, who endorses Real Money Betting apps. There are so many celebrities, both Indians and foreigners, who also endorse online casino games. It’s immaterial who promotes what, we should see what is in our own interest, as you have stated. You have rightly pointed out about the apps. Thank you, Sanjeet for sharing your detailed reflections.

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  2. Great post. Unfortunately in today’s society advertising is everywhere and not just gambling. Many are even aimed at children who then plead with parents to buy ‘this-&that’. But I agree that these online gambling apps destroy families. The powers-that-be are aware that an increasing number of people spend most of their time online! It’s so easy, a tap of a finger on a keyboard all in the comfort of one’s home. Nobody sees, nobody knows if someone has an addiction so it makes it even more worrying. Thanks for sharing, perhaps it might help even one reader!

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    1. Thank you, Elaine for such an elaborate and thoughtful comment. You’re absolutely right that it’s difficult to know who are gambling within the confines of home. And when it’s known, it’s too late. It’s therefore necessary to have regular interaction, particularly with young adults.

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  3. Yes, many big actors are involved with this. They are getting money to say certain things, but others are coming at risk when they enroll themselves in this.
    At first people get small money and they think they can earn more, but then they trap themselves in this and there’s no escape.

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    1. So very true, Devang! Celebrities need money, they don’t bother what is the impact on others. But it’s a trap that should be better avoided.


  4. My sister in law started gambling after one afternoon at a casino with friends. It went poorly from there. My best friend’s house husband had a good job and they were very upper middle class income and bracket. He ended up losing everything, and on the street. Its very dangerous.

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    1. You’re right, Sasha, I have never come across a person who has earned enough through gambling. My mom used to say gambling means losing- losing money, peace, reputation everything. Thank you sharing your thoughts.

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  5. Anything celebrities are encouraging is something to do the opposite of, in my opinion 😂. Discipline and self awareness are the keys to living an addiction free life because addiction to anything is all around us. Thought provoking post, my friend. Well done as always 🤍🤍

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    1. I agree with you, Grace, celebrities are concerned about their own money, not others’ well-being. But it’s pathetic to see people suffering from various types of addictions that they could have avoided easily. Thank you for your appreciation that means a lot to me 😊💖

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