To Kill or Not To Kill

Hamlet’s soliloquy, “To be or not to be” (in William Shakespeare’s classic Hamlet) is essentially about life and death, to live or not to live, to live or to die.

But daily we encounter another question, “To let live or not to let live” , when it comes to mosquitoes.

I share two perspectives in this regard:

क्यों न मारूं उस मच्छर को
जिसने रात भर चूसा है खून मेरा?
कैसे मारूं उस मच्छर को
जिसकी रगों में दौड़ता है खून मेरा?


—- 1 —–
Why should not I kill
the mosquito that has sucked
my blood overnight?
How can I kill the mosquito
in whose veins
my blood is now running?

Happiness comes from your own actions.
Have a lively Sunday 😍🌹

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. What a unique take on this subject! I once wrote an ode to the mosquito; they are not a favorite of mine but they seem to love me. From a more religious point of view, I remember a song I would teach my Children’s Choir every year; the refrain went like this: “Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto Me.” Gives one pause.

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    1. That’s true with everybody, Nancy, mosquitoes are notorious for their one-sided love affair. But I liked the choir and I wish I could read your ode to those great creatures 😂

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  2. Interesting thought, KK! If I offered myself freely to said mosquito, I will wave goodbye and wish him well. But if the little vampire sneaks up and steals my lifeblood without permission or invitation…..SPLAT!

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    1. Thank you, Dawn for this interesting comment, but do you really expect that mosquitoes will come to you bowing their heads to seek your permission or invitation to bite you. If so, I would also like to have such great souls.

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  3. Thank you, Kaushal, for highlighting this dangerous insect but the mosquito has to locate you first by smelling your body odor. Scientists are working on removing this peculiar ability as other insects just need to see you only.


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    1. You’re right, Joanna, the mosquitoes may look small, but their exploits are huge. That’s why researches are going on. I think some specific blood groups are preferred by select mosquitoes. It’s so interesting. Let’s see what our scientists do to get rid of them. Thank you!


    1. डेंगू ही क्यों, मलेरिया या चिकनगुनिया भी हो सकता है 😊😜


  4. KK!!! I love love love this post!! A little different yet totally clever as always and so brilliantly done. I too go back and forth with this mosquito perspective 😂. Another genius collection of words, my dear friend 🤍🤍

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    1. Thank you, Grace, for your interesting comment. Mosquito is such a small creature, but it’s exploits are many. I’m delighted to know that this resonates with you too.😂💖

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  5. I love that you put this so, to provoke ponderance. One could take literally, “Thou shalt not murder” to apply to all life. It didn’t specify the application be only toward humans, unless I missed it somewhere. I even feel uncomfortable when I’ve sliced a bell pepper and there’s a tiny baby bell at the seed area. I have a ‘bug glass’ and postcard at either end of the house to take out uninvited ones, wasps too. Anyone may laugh if they’ve heard me talking to the winged ones – I’m climbing on furniture, getting all acrobatic, as I say things like, “Come here you little ___” I’m your friend. You’ll be happier outside &^%$ #÷!! Aww, now where’d you go?”
    People, they are different, uninvited ones with bad intent will receive much different treatment. Insects have no ill-will. They are innocent. They cannot change what they are or do. I have seen maternal instincts in spiders twice, they refused to leave their sacs despite their life possibly being in danger! I had to unstick the sacs with the mothers clinging to those babies. I gently laid all of them down, the mothers could then relocate the sacs. And I have been out-thought & out-witted by spiders with the aforementioned glass in hand, more times than I care to admit! I’m not certain why humans decide when the innocent die. Why is it okay to smash ants and others, but not butterflies and lady bugs? They are all neat beings. Didn’t mean to go off on a tangent there, I’m not angry at others about it, but that stuff has bothered me ever since the little brat, neighbor boy skidded lightning bug bodies across the sidewalk to see how long the glowing juice would be, all those years ago. Grrrr

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    1. Thank you Dawn for sharing your beautiful and thoughtful reflections. You’re so kind to every creature. I’m impressed what you did, particularly the sacs of spiders. I too believe that God has created all creatures for a purpose, they have their roles defined in the ecosystem. The only caution we should exercise is to save ourselves from possible harms. We human beings also have some positive and some negative features.

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  6. With one drop of blood, the female mosquito can multiply exponentially. If you do not kill her after she has bitten you, she may make you an accomplice in spreading diseases.

    Mosquitos are one animal I wish to become extinct! Let their predators eat gnats! ❤

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    1. Thank you, Cheryl and I agree with you, but these mosquitoes also act as pollinators. They have some role to play in the ecosystem, but yes, we should ensure that they don’t harm us unnecessarily, as they spread serious diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya etc !!

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