Vitamin “P”

I don’t apologize
when proved wrong,
but put all my strength
in proving you all wrong,
it doesn’t matter what’s true,
I don’t want to know the truth,
I want praise and no criticism,
praise me even if I’m wrong,
criticism doesn’t go down
my slippery throat,
I need vitamin “P’, not toxin “C”
for my happiness, my survival…

Don’t ever tell me that
my eyes are clouded by ego,
I’m not arrogant, as you say,
what can I do
if you turn a corner of a page
while reading my book,
and then forget to straighten it?

If you can’t praise me,
I would prefer to be alone,
I can generate my vitamin “P”
by praising myself in the mirror
that gets clouded at times
due to a cloudy weather,
but looks clear to me
in the absence of toxin “C”…

That’s not me, but you must have come across such an “I” during your lifetime.

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest



      1. I had that at work a lot from people who usually would not even greet me, but If they needed my help, they were sooo nice all of a sudden, haha, not even very subtle, which on top of it showed me that they thought I was a moron. 😉

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      2. You’re right, such people think that they are the most intelligent people on the earth, and none would come to know what they are upto. It’s better to keep such elements at bay.

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  1. I love this poem. I’m sure every person and/or country has at least one person who considers them better than the rest of us. Many of us have taken to calling at least one of ours, TFG (The Former Guy) rather than use his name. The worst thing you can do with this particular pile of annoying matter is ignore him.

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    1. You’re right, Pat, I myself came across three such bosses, who were not ready to listen to our suggestion. It’s better to leave them with themselves. Thank you for sharing your reflections.

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  2. We all have encountered some of these for sure KK and your poem was brilliant at pointing that out.
    Loved these lines. “my slippery throat,
    I need vitamin “P’, not toxin “C”
    for my happiness, my survival…”

    I try to run when I see them.

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    1. Yes, that’s the usual reaction. I had a boss, as he used to enter the corridor, all would move away, and the corridor would be empty. I’m glad that this resonates with you. Thanks so much, Cindy, for sharing your experience 😊🤗💕

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  3. Thank you, Kaushal, for the excellent post, Here you go, praise again! All of us living on this planet, including the plants and animals, thrive on praise. It is
    inherent to all of us. Recognition, when it is deserved, makes us strive to do even better, it gives us wings and inspiration. Even the plants when praised for their beauty or resilience respond. I feel affection and gratitude to those who tell me
    how good my writing is or how generous I am. And so is every reader today.
    Perhaps, we should create The Society of Mutual Admiration, and live happily ever after…


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    1. I fully endorse your views, Joanna. I appreciate the perspective you have discussed. Human beings need admiration, no doubt, but too much of anything is bad. There is a clear distinction between flattery and praise. Too much praise creates a space for arrogance and egoism, when a person is not ready to listen to even C of criticism. The subject of my poem doesn’t want to know the truth, but he should know that praise or respect can be commanded not demanded.

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  4. KK! I love this perception and the detail in which you described it. Profoundly well done as always!!!! Thank you for blessing my mind with beautifully deep things to ponder about 🤍🤍🤗🤗

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  5. That’s an intense one there. You explained the characteristics of self-absorbed and narcissists’ people in such an impressive manner. Good work!

    We all do come across such kinds, at some point in our lives, sometimes at several points 😉

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