Winter has come
some shiver, some revel…

Old shoes and warm clothes
that look at you
with their longing eyes,
but you turn your face
away from your old friends,
as you bring and wear new ones,
bcoz you can afford,
and those old ones
get dumped in a corner of roof
or just thrown away as garbage…

Everything has its use,
if it reaches the right person
at right time,
and that time is here
when you can find
people and children
shuddering with cold
under their tattered clothes…

Friends keep changing,
take your old friends
out of your house,
and find their new friends,
the needy ones
to make both of them smile
with the warmth of your love,
that will naturally bring a smile
not only to your face,
but also somewhere 
deep within your heart…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Thank you, Kaushal, for the powerful message of goodwill to those in need.
    I never had any obsession with the latest fashion, and I keep my old friend for a long time. We have charity shops here where you leave anything you
    don’t want, and others can buy or pennies, You can also give directly to the homeless.


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    1. Here in India too, there are such NGOs for collecting old items. I appreciate their roles and devotion to cause, but the happiness that we receive instantly on giving such items to the needy is beyond comparison. Thank you, Joanna, for sharing your beautiful reflections!


  2. KK, this is absolutely brilliant. I loved the piece from the very first line and was hooked throughout! Such a kind message, and one that’ll definitely stay with me…I’ll think of this powerful piece every time I let one of my old friends go 😉🤍🤍

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