Dynamic Equilibrium

Did you see the video? It’s not a miracle, it’s a reality. Trust is not in the chair, it’s in the friendship and collaboration. It is a real experiment called Dynamic Equilibrium.   

Do you remember dynamic equilibrium in chemistry? It’s a reversible process, when the forward and reverse processes occur at the same rate, and reaction appears to have stopped, but the actual reaction goes on, as the rate of formation of reactants is equal to the rate of formation of products.

For example, in the reaction, NaCl = Na + Cl becomes in dynamic equilibrium, when the rate of the dissolution of NaCl equals the rate of crystallisation.

The human body also interacts with itself to maintain a balance with changes, e.g. temperature. This is called human homoeostasis. A state of balance is needed among all organs and systems for the body to survive and function properly.

When a person is in a state of intellectual or emotional stability, he or she is said to be in a state of equilibrium, as he or she adjusts between the opposing or divergent influences.

Dynamic equilibrium refers both to an internal balance between interrelated social phenomena and to the external relationship maintained with friends and environment.

Coming back to chemistry, according to the Le Chatelier’s principle, a change in one variable produces a shift in the position of the equilibrium that counteracts the effect of this change.

In economics too, demand and supply of a product remain in equilibrium, but if any one side is disturbed, the equilibrium is again established by raising or paring the price.

Even in daily life, when we heat water in a saucepan to boil some potatoes, water reaches boiling point after sometime, and then if we add some more potatoes, the temperature drops a bit, but regains the previous state quickly.

Let’s also see an example of see-saw. The balance is disturbed, when one more person joins on one side, but in order to maintain balance, the person sitting alone on the other side increases the distance from the fulcrum.

There are so many examples in our day-to-day life, when we indulge in dynamic equilibrium knowingly or unknowingly.

The things around us keep changing. Change is a continuous process. We have to coordinate the efforts of people to accomplish the desired goals. If we help each other, we will never fall down as shown in the video, be it society, work place or family!    

–Kaushal Kishore         

images: pinterest and video:elina taverner



    1. I’m overwhelmed with your generous words, my friend. It’s quite satisfying to know that you found the post meaningful. Greatly appreciated 🙏💐💖

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  1. Thank you, Kaushal, for this wonderfully fascinating philosophical discourse on the equilibrium and balance in the world around us. Your ingenious way of mixing science and visual examples is the best template for how one should teach to leave a permanent understanding of the complex subject.
    Thank you for the perfect presentation.


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    1. You made my day, Joanna, once again. I’m humbled and honoured to receive such a generous comment from you. It’s my humble attempt to put across some views that cross my mind in a palatable manner. Thank you so much, Joanna, for your kindness.


  2. What an amazing example of trust, faith, and leaning on those you trust (and a good example of strong core muscles 😉 ) I hadn’t heard of that term before, and now I’m fascinated! Thank you, KK! 💞💞💞

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    1. Yes, Dawn, we talk of collaboration, team spirit, homeostasis etc in HR, but rarely dynamic equilibrium, though it’s a fantastic idea how to cope with challenges in life. I’m happy that you liked it. Thank you!😊💐💕

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  3. I love this KK and it’s so true and being in construction waiting for the sheetrock to dry with the extreme temps in cold and then cranking the heat, sweating is such an example of everything being dependent on the other. Watching paint dry isn’t for the weary but everything is dependent on the other. Great post and so true… maintaining balance is a constant juggling act but necessary. 💗

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    1. You have used the right word, “juggling act.” This is so true about the life right from the beginning to the end. Ball games change, but juggling the balls ends only with the life. And for this striking a balance is the only mantra. Thank you, Cindy, for your thoughtful reflections 😊💖

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