समझ से परे / Incomprehensible

इतना आसान नहीं होता
हर व्यक्ति को समझ पाना,
कुछ किताबें
समझ से परे होती हैं…

📖 📖 📖

It is not so easy
to understand everyone,
some books are

–Kaushal Kishore


    1. Thank you, Joanna, for your kind words. This picture is of a sculpture, Denkpartner (Partner of Thinking) located near Stuttgart Stock Exchange, Germany.

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      1. Gandhi in Germany?! Thank you, Kaushal, I am surprised. Mind you, when you are immortal, you would be anywhere on the planet. Next thing, Gandhi’s stature on the moon!


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      2. It’s not Gandhi, Joanna. It represents a sculptor, Limbach. But thanks for your wish, may it come true. India has already started moon mission, Chandrayan. So let’s hope.


    1. You’re absolutely right, Cheryl. A book may be open or closed, but one has to read it and then comprehend it. Thank you so much for your kind words ❤️

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