They Cry Too

They also get sad,
but they don’t show it,
they also feel pain,
but they don’t tell,
they cry too,
but tears don’t roll down,
feelings remain inside their hearts…

Quietly they leave the streets
of their villages or cities
and their houses,
where they grew up,
where they used to weave
their dreams of aspirations,
to become something,
to become worthy for themselves,
for near and dear ones…

But no complaints whatsoever,
they realise their responsibilities,
they have to move out,
sometimes for studies,
and sometimes in search of jobs,
lest they prove to be incompetent,
or irresponsible,
lest their dreams be shattered…

They start looking tough
even though their hearts
may be melting inside,
for their mothers, fathers
and for the special ones
they love most…

Boys who used to make noise
all the time in their houses,
who used to sneak to fridge
in the middle of night
for a steal of an icecream, cake
or whatever just for a change
from reading and dreaming,
become so calm and serious,
immersing in a dignified silence,
just like their innocence
and houses they leave behind,
to swim against all odds,
to take over the entire frame,
just to be on their own
to own their owns,
present and future…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest



  1. Thank you, Kaushal, for your moving expression of the anxiety of youth, which many of us understand and experienced. In old days young boys were thought that men don’t cry, luckily we don’t regard this mantra as valid. But still
    there is more to be done as we are letting down young men to suffer unnecessarily, and this is cruel.


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    1. You’re right, Joanna, there is no reason why young men should suffer unnecessarily, as we consider them to be made of tougher stuff. I had seen the plight of my own sons that inspired this poem. Thank you for your kind comment!


  2. PS. I wrote about this issue when to my horror it was announced in this country the appointment of the Minister for the Prevention of Suicide!
    Now, our young couple, the Prince of Wales and his wife, Kate, pledged to do
    everything they can to nurture Britain’s youngsters. We must build a safe and loving world around them because so much can be achieved when we recognize the unique potential of early childhood.
    Not enough is being done and they are our future.


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    1. That’s a good initiative taken by the Prince of Wales. I remember there is a ministry for Happiness and Wellbeing in UAE, while Japan has a ministry of Loneliness. Bhutan is considered as the world’s happiest country, which has the most stable ecosystem and measure their GDP in terms of happiness, called GNH. State of MP in our India has also started a department of happiness.
      It’s welcome sign that people have started recognising the importance of happiness in day-to-day life. Thank you, Joanna, for sharing that information.


  3. A time comes for departure
    For young hearts must be brave
    Tears don’t stop them
    Fears they hide in vain
    Challenges for a better tomorrow
    To eradicate the daily sorrows
    For their country fire up their veins
    Must grow up and conquer myself
    If I want to win this game

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