Mixed Bag

The path was clear
in front of me,
I started immediately
walking gleefully…

I heard something
on the way,
I ignored…

A black cat
crossed my path,
I ignored…

Someone then
walked ahead crying,
my attention got divided,
but kept walking at my pace…

Then I saw some juveniles
singing and cycling,
I started walking happily
at a faster pace…

After a few steps
a speeding car
abraded my skin,
I was shocked,
I halted then and there
to check all are good,
but I kept moving
though at a slower pace…

I reached
my destination finally
with delay and breaks,
carrying of course
a mixed bag of feelings…

I wonder now
whether a clear path
really exists in this world…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Thank you, Kaushal, for the poem that makes us think and discuss the issue
    that is more complex than it seems.
    The path of life is only mapped out for royalty or people like Dalai Lama, the rest of us need to turn several times before reaching the destination

    I love the pictures, could I have the cute squirrel, please?


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    1. Most of the time, right path is not so clear or easy. We of course decide our path, but diversions are always there and so often. Thank you, Joanna, for referring to Dalai Lama, the spiritual guru. And that squirrel is all yours.


  2. I have just learned that a good friend is dying of cancer. She is calm and says she has had a blessed life. That is her path now. I am immensely grateful to be healthy and alive .That is still my path. Another excellent piece of writing KK and somehow it blended in with the sad news of my friend when i read it.

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    1. So sorry to know about your good friend. It’s really disheartening to see a person in this state, but then comes the destiny that chooses our path, when we feel there is nothing in our hands, but I appreciate her calmness and satisfaction. Thank you, Anne, for your kind words and sharing your thoughts.

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