उदाहरण / Example

बहुत आसान होता है
कोई उदाहरण पेश करना,
लेकिन उतना ही कठिन होता है
खुद कोई उदाहरण बनना…


It’s very easy
to give an example,
but it’s equally difficult
to be an example…

P.S. On this day in 2008, ten Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists arrived by sea route and opened fire indiscriminately killing 166 people, including 18 security persons, and injured several others during a 60-hour siege in Mumbai. I was also in Mumbai during that period.

It’s cause, not the death that makes the martyrNapoleon Bonaparte

I pay my heartfelt tributes to the brave heroes of 26/11, who laid down their lives while fighting terrorists

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. What a wonderful tribute and so beautifully said. Killing innocents by terrorist attracts is horrible and such a waste of lives and their loved ones suffering. Thank you for this lovely post. 🦋🌹🤗 Always thinking of others. Hugs, Joni

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  2. We should also use this day to reflect upon our inefficient security apparatus and the administration that caused this and make changes (administrators should be accountable) so that this will never happen again.

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  3. A touching tribute to heroes who deserve to be remembered, KK! ❤ The US is experiencing waves of violence. I chalk it up to many causes. Those who think it is OK to incite violence bear some of the responsibility. Ideas matter. Words matter. Lies are harmful!

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    1. This 26/11 incident was like 9/11 of US, where innocent people were targetted just to create terror. Such incidents of terror and violence have no place in a civilised society. Similarly, gun culture needs to be curbed.

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