A Love Triangle

Today I’m going to tell you about a love triangle that some of you, especially cricket fans might be knowing. Such triangles have been themes of many stories, novels and movies, but what attracts me is that it’s the true story of two famous cricketers, Dinesh Karthik and Murali Vijay.

The year was 2004, when a young wicketkeeper named Dinesh Karthik made his debut in the Indian cricket team.

Dinesh Karthik and Nikita Vanjara were childhood friends as their fathers were also good friends. In 2007, Dinesh tied the knot with Nikita, thus starting their happy married life.

Dinesh and Nikita were very happy in their married life. Dinesh was also captaining the Tamil Nadu team in the Ranji Trophy. His special friend, Murli Vijay was the opener of the Tamil Nadu team, who later became a part of the Indian team.

So one day Nikita met Murali Vijay, who had a crush on Nikita, but innocent Dinesh could not realise this. The closeness between Nikita and Murali turned into an extra marital affair.

Just after five years of marital bliss, their wedding hit a roadblock, as Nikita had lost interest in Dinesh and fell in love with his friend and teammate, Murali Vijay.

When Dinesh came to know about Nikita’s infidelity, he parted ways with her. Both divorced each other in 2012, while Nikita was pregnant. Soon after, she  married her boyfriend, Murali Vijay.

After divorce from Nikita, Dinesh was out of form and also out of Indian squad. He gained weight and lost all hopes. Dinesh Karthik went into depression, as he could not easily forget this betrayal of his wife and friend Murli. He started drinking from morning till evening.

He was dropped from the Indian team. He lost captaincy of the Tamil Nadu team to Murali Vijay. Dinesh became so desperate that he started talking about committing suicide. Then came a turning point.

His coach went to see him and took him to gym. He motivated Dinesh and helped him make a comeback. During the fitness coaching sessions, Dinesh Karthik met India’s Squash queen, Dipika Pallikal, who was also taking fitness classes with the same coach.

After a few days, Dipika became fond of Dinesh Karthik as she found him to be a humble gentleman. The duo became friends and married each other after win of India in the Champion Trophy 2015. Soon he was also selected in IPL and was also made the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders.

While Murli’s career has nosedived, Dinesh Karthik, at 37, was a successful player in this year’s IPL. Dipika is also on the winning spree. Now they have two boys and live a happy life together.

But both Dinesh and Murali have kept their silence on the issue and have acted maturely, moving on in their lives, rather than mudslinging on one another.

This story has so many lessons. First, failure is not the end of life, get up after falling down. Patience and perseverance always pay in the long run. Keep fighting with the circumstances not with people, and you will surely reach your destination.

Secondly, come out of a toxic relationship, as soon as possible, without any animosity or bad feeling. Remember, love is not everything in the life, there are so many other important things to do for your happiness that make you “you”.

–Kaushal Kishore



    1. Oh, so sorry to know about your health, Nancy! But you are such a lively person, I’m sure, you will be okay soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay blessed, always 🙏💐

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    1. Yes, l agree with you. I think some people come to us to help cause falls, to redirect our lifelong ambitions. Love or hate, loyalty or betrayal, they add to the spice. Thanks for this wonderful thought, Joanna.🙏.

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    2. So true, Joanna, love is important in our life, but it’s not everything. There is a very beautiful song in Hindi that starts with the line that it’s not appropriate for a man to leave the whole world just for one person. Thank you!


      1. In the situation I talked about, if a soulmate decides not to remain a soulmate, he or she becomes just like any other person.


    1. That was a bad and short phase for him, but he proved his worth with sheer determination, a lesson for our youngsters. Thank you, Arjun for reading and commenting 😊

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