आम सहमति / Consensus

तुम्हारे होंठ कुछ कहते हैं,
और तुम्हारी आंखें कुछ और,
मैं बीच का रास्ता अपना लेता हूं
आम सहमति बनाने के लिए…


Your lips say something,
and your eyes something else,
I take the middle ground
to build consensus…

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pinterest


  1. This made me smile Kaushal:) Something very corporate about arriving at the end conclusion, what does she really want?…what does she really feel? The heart is probably the best place to find your consensus:) ❤️ always…..

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    1. Hahaha, it’s in lighter vein, Karima! I’m glad it made you chuckle. You’re right, it’s the corporate or rather political way of functioning. Thank you.😊💖

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    2. It sounds cool, so poetic. Nevertheless, those who listen to the heart are guided by emotions, and these emotions are not always calm. An agitated heart is incapable not only of seeking consensus but even of making any “stinking” compromise that does not satisfy either party.

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      1. Very well said, my dear friend. I appreciate you and agree in toto, but I think consensus is better than compromise (as you rightly said stinking). Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflections!


  2. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, so they don’t lie when the mouth often says things we don’t think at all. If I were to look for a middle way leading to consensus, I would start with touch – when we embrace someone, we extinguish their bad emotions. Then I would suggest eye contact, which breeds the mutual trust so necessary for us to dare to be honest. At the same time, looking the interlocutor in the eyes makes us listen with understanding and releases empathy in ourselves. Once both parties tell each other honestly what they think and feel, try to understand each other, the way to find consensus is open. A difficult process. And I had to use so many words to describe it, while You – poet only needed a succinct two lines to express everything. Respect, as always, Mr Kishore !

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    1. Thank you, Klotylda, for such an in-depth analysis, in which you have given both art and science of understanding to arrive at a consensus. Truly loved it. I have no further words to add. That is the logical process unless one decides to deploy a shortcut method at own risk and consequences. Nice words, my dear friend. Much much appreciated!


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