The Dark Corner

Every morning
I sit in the sunlight
not only to seek out Vitamin D,
but to appreciate its golden rays
that give a glow
and a new vigor to the leaves
and flowers of my plants…

I’m overwhelmed by their joy
but I notice that there are others,
who remain beyond the reach
of those lively rays…

I try to turn them
towards the sun’s rays,
but still some of them
remain in the dark,
as their stiff stems
leave no room to move…

In a corner of my heart too
I find the same darkness
that sometimes gives me
a sense of comfort too,
when it engulfs me
in its quivering arms…

I fondle my heart but I find
that despite positive affirmations
I make every morning,
the light still eludes that corner…

Is that corner
destined for darkness only?

I don’t know,
but now I’ve put down there
a pen full of green ink,
with the hope and belief
that one day
it will light up that corner too…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Thank you, Kaushal, for the poignant poem that describes the darkness in human life. The green ink symbolizes the healing power of nature, and I am sure
    it will light up all the dark corners of our lives.

    Thank you, Kaushal, for the beautiful presentation, that is your specialty!


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    1. You’re so right, Joanna, I used ‘green’ after thinking a while. Thank you so much for your appreciation! I’m really glad that this resonates with you. Much appreciated!


  2. How nice. Pen with green ink remind me of a question and it goes like this…
    Q. Can you name a fruit or vegetable that is blue in color? The reason they are the healthiest
    A. There is none and the one that comes closest is purple for example blueberry or blue potatoes.
    Scientists say blue is the best color so use a blue color plate while eating so that one eats balanced food and it’s satisfying too.

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    1. That’s one way to look at things. I have used green here, because it’s combination of blue and yellow. Blue represents serenity and wisdom, while yellow is the symbol of optimism and joy.
      Thank you for your kind comment, my friend!


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