Black is Beautiful

People curse and abuse me because I’m black,
For any damn thing my colour is under attack…

Deeply misunderstood I’m used as a symbol for death and mourning,
but without my darkness, there will be no morning…

Other colours get subsumed into me under my influence,
Blending their qualities to bolster my strength for a purpose…

I have seen this world changing its colour and ways everyday,
But I never change my colour, it’s my way or the highway…

But don’t forget how much serenity is in my blackness,
bringing beauty to you even in the moments of sadness…

Whether it’s your black eyes or hairs, glow I bring,
Deep inside me you will always find a silver lining…

When I engulf the sky, stars twinkle with amusing gleams,
Even if the night is black, I show you only colorful dreams…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Your excellent poem about black being beautiful, Kaushal, reminded me of Henry Ford’s statement when advertising his cars: “You can have it in any color
    as long as it is black.”
    He was right in a way because black is a combination of predominantly
    red, blue, and yellow, when mixed produce a nice black.
    Personally, I like black because it emphasizes my post-covid now very long blond hair.


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    1. Yes, Joanna, I remember Ford’s quote, and how true he was. Thanks for reminding it. Black accepts all, while white reflects all. That’s why I too like black. Glad to know about your long hair.

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  2. Really ,black is beautiful ,it is also glorious .Black is very philosophical .In “DASHMAHAVIDYA” ,the very first Goddess is known to be ‘KALI ‘ whose colour is black lord RAMA & Lord KRISHNA are considered to be of blakiskh colour .So ,black is highly religious . In three Gunas known as ‘ sata ,raja and tama ‘ ,tama is cosidered to be black and resource of everything existing on the Earth . In this way , black is spiritual also . Black is not only appreciated but also worshipped . A lot can be said but in brief and in your beautiful way ‘ Black is beautiful ‘. Thanks a lot for your thought provoking poem .

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