Three “A”s Formula

The Clark family of Scotland had a dream to be on the very first voyage of the luxury cruise liner, Titanic. Clark and his wife spent almost the whole life savings to book tickets for entire family comprising five children.

The entire family was filled with anticipation and excitement about their unique trip, but just seven days before the departure of the liner, one of his sons was bitten by a dog.

Doctor recommended that the boy be quarantined for fourteen days for his own safety and safety of others around him from rabies. The whole family of seven was upset and disappointed, as the tickets were non-refundable. The family’s dreams were shattered. They were cursing the dog for their misfortune.

Mrs Clark decided to stay back with that boy. She, however, suggested that Mr Clark make his way on the trip as planned, but Mr Clark’s conscience didn’t allow him to leave his wife and ailing son behind.

On Wednesday, 10th April, 1912, the ship sailed from Southampton port, Hampshire, England for America. Mr Clark stood on the dock with his moist eyes to watch the ship leave but minus him and his family. He cried his tears of disappointment and frustration.

Five days later, on Monday, 15th April, 1912, the tragic news broke out throughout the world that the mighty Titanic ship had sunk having collided with an iceberg taking hundreds of lives.

When Mr. Clark heard news, he hugged the dog and thanked him for saving the entire family. What he had taken as the tragedy turned into a blessing.

This is just one example how the things move, and so unexpectedly. During 9/11 attacks also, many people were saved because on that very day, they were late either due to traffic or some family compulsions.

Our own life is not different either. When I think of myself, I had made some plans for my life and career, but I had to shift my goalposts several times. The same thing must have happened with most of you, I’m sure.

Even in a game, we make our move as per a plan or strategy, but we have no idea what the other side has planned for us. The end result depends upon whose planning is better, and most of the time, what we get is the blend of the two.

After so many twists and turns, I’m happy in the end, irrespective of what I had envisioned in my life. So I believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason, and happens for the best.

So let’s go with the flow with “Three As” formula as anchor-
Apply flexibility in approach;
Adjust plans to face new challenges; and
Adopt new strategies for life.

–Kaushal Kishore

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  1. Thank you, Kaushal, for the wonderful walkup call! Your three formulas for a happy life are perfect in their clarity; look forward to new beginnings, appreciate endings, and don’t take now for granted. You are right, Kaushal, that life brings unexpected changes to all of us. My problems were caused by changing
    the country and not speaking a word of English language on arrival.
    As always, I love your presentation.


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    1. I appreciate your touching words, Joanna! It’s your patience and perseverance that have made you what you are in a new country with a different language. That’s what I believe. One should be flexible enough. When a teacher in my management class asked me what type of a leader I would like to be in my profession, my quick reply was, “a circumstantial leader.” Thank you, Joanna, for your beautiful reflections. I’m happy that you liked the post and its presentation.


    1. Thank you so much, Nemorino for sharing this wonderful information and also the post. You’re right, your maternal grandfather had business compulsions to change his booking, but I think nobody sailing or planning to sail that ill-fated ship had premonition of such a disaster. The article shared by you is an excellent read. Thank you again!

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  2. So many instances throughout history and in my own past where what seemed a devastating loss at the time kept someone/me from an even more tragic fate.
    LOVE the 3 As formula….pasting that to the fridge as a daily reminder! 💞

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    1. You’re absolutely right, Dawn, we don’t know what is hidden in the womb of future. Thank you for liking the formula. It really made my heart happy. Thank you 😊💖

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  3. Great post KK. Life does happen when we are making other plans and good for you, you’ve learned to go with the flow. I’ve had my shared of the 3 A’s and it’s a great formula to live by.
    Thanks for sharing this!! ❣️

    “Apply flexibility in approach;
    Adjust plans to face new challenges; and
    Adopt new strategies for life.

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    1. Thank you, Cindy for liking the post and formula and for sharing your beautiful reflections. I think majority of us must have undergone this kind of experience at one point of time or another.😊💐💖

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  4. Great story… my father and grandfather were to go on that trip – steerage (third) class – but missed the sailing because my grandfather had forgotten their tickets in their hotel… they took the next White Star Line sailing to emigrate to the US from England.

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  5. I like these three A’s. I fractured my hip . Unpleasant to say the least. But there was a silver lining. The xrays revealed that my hip, which has been replaced 20 years ago, was wearing out. The socket was worn out and causing inflammation in the surrounding tissue. This explained all the problems I have been having with the hip for almost a year. I am now waiting to get surgery and new parts put in for this hip.

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    1. Sorry to know about the fracture, Anne, but you have rightly said that there is a silver lining in a dark cloud. It’s the positivity of mind that tries to see the good in every situation. Thank you for sharing this experience. I hope and pray that surgery will be successful. My good wishes…

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  6. Superbly told story, KK! ❤

    We were reminded of the truth of the story's message when Hurricane Ian struck. My son had applied to rent a place along the SW FL coast, but didn't get it and moved out of state. The whole area where he had wanted to live was devastated!

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    1. That’s the live example, Cheryl. The same thing had happened with me in 1984, when I didn’t get a house in Bhopal and later the same area was the worst affected part of mic gas emission from Union Carbide plant that took thousands of lives. Such things restore faith in what is called destiny. Thank you, Cheryl 💖

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