Writing A Book

I also wish to write a book,
a book of my life
and my share of love,
that will contain
each and every thing,
I have seen, felt and experienced…

But where should I start?
From the mother’s lap of luxury
that gave me
the first letter and lesson and also
that unmistakable word, Ma (mom)…

or from my ceaseless struggle
in the various temples
of wisdom and work
with undulating continuity,
that gave me an identity of my own…

or from my indelible moments
of happiness and grief
enjoyed in various relationships
that were made and gone bust
along the way,
which gave me an agility
to sway in the swings of realities…

or the places of worship
that I visited not to ask for any vow,
but to seek solace
in the company of those
loved immensely by one and all,
to seek the blessing
of a fraction of that love…

or lighting lamps
not only to celebrate happiness,
but also to express
my love and respect for those,
who always mattered in my life…

or the unquenched thirst
of my heart like an endless desert, 
or the thorns that pricked me
while appreciating pretty flowers
of rose and hawthorn alike…

or the gust of winds
that brought me fragrance
and floral presence of my beloved
that made me sway
in the delight of achievement…

or the droplets of rains
which at times helped me hide
my tears of embarrassment
under their flowing covers
and by soothing my nerves
with the alluring petrichor…

I don’t know the beginning,
but I’m also not sure of the end,
so let me concentrate on the middle
the central part, the core,
that still continues
with its share of grey,
a real colour of my life
between the two extremes
of black and white…

so my attempts will be
to make it a little brighter
with the love and affection
that I got, am still getting and
hope to get in days to come as well…

so my book will remain open
to receive and give love
with no ending
of course…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Absolutely beautiful Kaushal!
    The outpourring of gratitude in it’s many facets written in between your every line. I love these lines, they say it so well…
    “the places of worship
    that I visited not to ask for any vow,
    but to seek solace…”


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  2. Thank you, Kaushal, for the story of your life, that you have painted with your voice so eloquently, I can only wish you did write the book as it would be a masterpiece.
    When you start with your happy childhood, your beloved mother has to be there and your illustration of a mother bird lovingly feeding her baby fledgling is simply heart-rending in its meaning.

    Your thoughts about the book writing remind me of what I read once and have to
    “quote” loosely; A book is only half written by the author, and the other part belongs to a reader from whom the writer learns.

    All the various stages of your life are described with clarity and will resonate with everyone such is the power of your talent.
    Please, Kaushal, write this book and I will be first in the queue to buy it!


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    1. I appreciate your exhortation, Joanna, from the bottom of my heart. I’m also thankful to you for always being there to support and guide me in whichever way. It’s the unwavering support from friends like you that give me strength and will to write more and more. Let’s see how things move.

      Your reference to mother bird and her baby fledgling deeply touched me. I fully resonate with the quote, as I believe that we can’t live life in isolation. People around us contribute in their own ways to shape one’s life. So when I write about myself, it won’t be complete without talking of my people around me.

      Thank you, Joanna, for your kind comment that means more than what words can say.


    1. Your deep reflections touched my heart. I’m in full agreement with you, Mary, that we all have the same thing written into our hearts. Thank you for your kind comment that truly means a lot!

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      1. You are welcome. I read this on my lunch break. I work at a local hospital and there are so many human beings in this world who are so beyond realizing that they matter. They have been so broken they don’t see any beauty in their story.

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      2. I appreciate your outlook and empathy, particularly when you work at a hospital, where such empathy is needed much more. Thank you! I’m honoured to connect with you.


  3. What a beautiful slice of your heart you have served us, KK! I love how you left your book open at the end, may your story continue with the most brilliant colors and filled with blessings. 💞💞💞

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