गलती / Mistake

उसने एक गलती की,
उससे बड़ी गलती कर दी
मेरे दिमाग ने उसे याद रखकर,
पर उस गलती को सुधारा,
मेरे ही दिल ने
उसे कोई पनाह न देकर…


He made a mistake,
my mind made
a bigger mistake
by remembering it,
but my heart
corrected that mistake
by giving it no shelter…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Well written, Sir, and perfect pic.
    It is also a meme that fits the theme that the television beam is most often toxic to productivity, rational thought, and overall, our little time visiting Earth. I wonder how it can be called brainwashing, when there is no cleansing involved, rather, the heard is becoming filled with *&%@ (who knows what), the mind’s natural means of being, tainted.

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    1. Thank you, Dawn, for your interesting, but thoughtful comment! You’re right, I now watch TV for maximum one hour, as nothing concrete is beamed. It’s sheer wastage of time. As regards brainwashing, I think it’s acute case of drycleaning, digital one. The conflict between heart and mind will go on, I think. Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflections!


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