A Childlike Plant

Whenever it started coming out,
I used to stitch or darn it
to mend and amend,
at times I got satisfied
at my own artistry,
but at times,
while trying to do it
my own needle hurt me,
it pricked my finger deep inside
that not only squeezed out
a drop of blood,
but also a drop
of my bloated misconception…

It was my folly
that I thought of a relationship
as a piece of fabric,
that is bound to get old,
dulled or even torn
with efflux of time,
due to use, abuse or misuse…

Now I take a relationship
as a plant that needs
understanding as sunlight,
love like water,
and trust like air,
that get refreshed
with the first rays of dawn,
when I join my two hands
in salutation πŸ™ pose,
one hand of mine and
the other of the relationship,
with the only wish and prayer
to keep a childlike plant,
deep inside me,

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest


  1. Excellent meditation on the value of what one chooses to hold dear.
    Your lines resonated well for me…
    “…love like water,
    and trust like air,”

    – deep thinking crafted such excellent metaphors. Wow!
    Awesome sharing Kaushal, Bravo!!

    Liked by 1 person

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