दिमागदार दिल / Brainy Heart

दिमागदार लोगों ने
परेशान कर रखा है
मेरे दिल को हर वक्त,
काश दिलवाले दिल के बजाय
भगवान ने मुझे दिया होता
एक दिमागदार दिल…


Brainy people
have kept my heart
troubled all the time,
I wish God had given me
a brainy heart instead
of a kind-hearted heart…

–Kaushal Kishore



    1. A good point, Annie! Thank you. According to me, a brainy heart is one that suspects, it’s not credulous. Others may differ.


    1. God loves heart, we all love heart. What I have wished in the poem is a brainy heart, not a credulous heart. Thank you 😊💐🌹


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