बेरहम दिल / Heartless Heart

जब भी पूछता हूं कोई उपाय
अपनी उलझनों से निकलने का,
मेरा बेरहम दिल कह देता है
बिना किसी उलझन के,
“उलझ जाओ एक बार फिर
अपनी पुरानी यादों में…”


Whenever I ask my heart
how to get rid of my confusions,
my heartless heart replies
without any confusion,
“get entangled once again
in your old memories…”

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pinterest



  1. Thank you, Kaushal, for the memorable ditty of the heart. Memories are what keep us immortal, the way you remember your mother and I remember my
    saintly grandmother, and my friend Gaby.


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    1. Thanks a lot, Joanna, for your touching words and deep reflections that I truly appreciate. Things end, people go away, but memories last forever.


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