Childish Childishness

With innocent eyes,
these trees, these plants,
these leaves, these flowers,
all look at us with expectations,
but we ignore,
we think it’s childish
to think about them,
as they are meant to serve us
not to expect…

With innocent eyes,
these birds, these butterflies,
these small creatures around us,
all look at us with expectations,
but we ignore,
we think it’s childish
to think about them,
as they are meaningless beings
of no value to us

With innocent eyes,
our own children
look at us with expectations
for our time, our attention,
but we ignore,
we think they behave childish,
as we provide them
whatever they need for eating,
wearing, playing and schooling…

With clever eyes,
we look at the things
both material and immaterial,
as we have gained
the so-called requisite knowledge
backed by sundry information
available at our fingertips
to decipher what is in our interest
and what is not,
we have gone way ahead
of our childish childishness,
now slipped into
deep and dreamless oblivion…

It’s not generation gap
it’s thinking gap
as we have put on
our coloured thinking caps,
taking these off
will expose our childishness,
making us vulnerable
to suspicions and conjectures…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Yes, I am all for self-care, but I’m against selfish era me-care. I believe the Dali Lama said, “ Live at simply that others may simply live.” And, of course, Jesus Christ wants us to come to Him as children full of awe and wonder. Wonderful piece of writing, KK!

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    1. You’re absolutely right, Susan, and I’m in agreement with Dalai Lama. Selfishness has no place, if we talk of humanity that has become a rare commodity now. Thank you so much for your frank views in this regard.

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  2. Thank you, Kaushal, for raising this important issue. I always strive to be childlike but not childish as this allows me to see the beauty of the world the way
    children see it and have a spiritual connection with nature.


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    1. You’re right, Joanna! Children are like clean slates, devoid of deceit and trickery. Everyone has a ‘child’ inside. It’s nice that you strive to keep it alive and vibrant. Thanks so much, Joanna, for your kind comment!


  3. We have traded in the higher parts of our humanity, for electrical gadgetry..that many times instead of joining us all alienates us from what truly is important.
    You said it so beautifully, with inner passion, Kaushal!

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    1. You’re so right, Karima, we go on making connections, but no relations. Gadgets have given us convenience, but not happiness. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts here.💖💐🙏


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