⏳इंतजार / Wait⏳

कभी ख्वाब टूटते हैं,
तो कभी आंखें नम हो जाती हैं,
कभी सिसकियों में दबी
कुछ यादें कहीं खो जाती हैं…

दिल के अंदर कुलालें भरने वाला
प्यार कुम्हलाने लगता है,
लगा हुआ हर जख्म अधूरेपन का
एहसास कराने लगता है…

लेकिन नहीं सीखते हम
पौधों और वृक्षाें की कहानियों से,
हर पतझड़ के बाद
उनकी भावनात्मक निशानियों से…

दुख उन्हें भी होता है
पत्तों और फूलों के सूख जाने का,
लेकिन इंतजार करते हैं वे
बेसब्री से बारिश के आने का…

एक मौसम जाता है
दूसरा आने को तैयार रहता है,
नई आशाओं के साथ,
रोज़ एक नया सूरज उगता है…

आंखों से होते हुए
दिल में सागर फिर उमड़ता है,
ज्यादा दिन अच्छा समय भी
आने का इंतजार नहीं करता है…

⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳ The Wait

Sometimes dreams break,
sometimes eyes become moist,
some memories buried in sobs
are lost somewhere…

Love bouncing up and down
inside the heart begins to wilt,
every wound inflicted gives
a feeling of inadequacy…

But we don’t learn from
the stories of plants and trees,
from their emotional gesticulations
after every autumn…

They also feel the pain of drying up
of their leaves and flowers,
but they eagerly and patiently
wait for the rain to come…

One season goes,
another prepares to come,
with new hopes,
a new sun rises every day…

Sea descends from the eyes
into the heart again,
even good times
don’t wait long to come…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Thank you, Kaushal, for the philosophical take on changing moods and the road to happier times, as they always come because everything bad or good will pass.
    Who, apart of you, says so? Of course, King Solomon and his ring of wisdom!


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    1. Yes, Joanna, the cycle goes on. During tough time, my mom always used to remind us that things do change. I’m glad you liked it. Thank you. As regards Solomon’s ring, I wish I had it.


      1. It was the inscription inside the ring he gave to a newlywed couple. They were told to read – it will pass, it every time they were ecstatic with happiness, or troubled by something. We don’t need the ring, just to remember the mantra.


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      2. That’s so very kind, Joanna! It’s your humility that in itself is more than any knowledge one can acquire. Thank you!


    1. They also talk, Eunice. Take leaves and flowers in hands and caress them, you will feel their response. After all, they are also living beings, biologically.

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  2. Love your take on the ebb and flow of Life’s Tides..Beautifully put, Kaushal..You have your finger on the pulse of the ever-changing Design, Nature’s, Humanity, The Cosmos, all is in i ordered movement and flux.. so things will change…nothing stays forever.

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    1. Very well said, Karima! I appreciate your generous words. Change is inevitable, resisting it is futile and avoidable. Thank you for your unwavering support!


  3. You are so right, KK. Nature teaches us marvelous lessons if we are patient and watch how the seasons change, just as we change. Once I came across an article about the music of trees. It was intriguing and I found it so fascinating, I had to write a story about that phenomenon. Thank you for creating and sharing this wonderful piece. 🌳

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    1. You’re absolutely right, Nancy, there are so much to learn from trees. Music of trees is certainly interesting concept. Once I had read how trees react to wind, rain etc by giving different sounds. In fact the world of plants and trees is amazing, if we delve into it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflections 😊

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  4. Trees are patient and stable, not moving nor worrying about what happens around them. They just accept and enjoy till death. We can associate this with their capacity to endure departures and arrivals.

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