दर्द / Pain

दर्द क्या होता है
यह कोई गुलाब से पूछे,
देता है पैगाम
दोस्ती और खूबसूरती का,
पर रहता है खुद
कांटों के बीच…


Ask a rose
what is the pain,
that gives a message
of friendship and beauty,
but it lives
among thorns…

–Kaushal Kishore



    1. Beautiful message from the rose, Joanna! I would like to add…’thorns are my bodyguards. I adore them too.’
      Thanks so much!


  1. Beautiful thought once again, Kaushal, you make us ponder and see the truth in the darkness…You have a way of coaxing us, to open our own eyes and see life’s variety, its contradictions and its pure gifts.🌼🌹🌹🌼

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    1. I’m overwhelmed with your generous words, Karima, but beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. I always cherish your kind comment. Thanks so much 😊💐💖🙏


      1. I’m about 10 days behind on reading the blogs I follow…I was afraid people were going to think I was spamming them with comments….but I know how much receiving them on my writing means to me 💞 I love how your posts make me think, and feel! You have a gift for crafting words.

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      2. I’m overwhelmed with your generous words, Dawn! I appreciate your sincerity in reading and commenting so meticulously. I’m with you, when you say that we receive a lot from others’ posts. In fact, we learn from each other. Thank you for your kind words 😊💖

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