One can use me
for writing a poem, a story,
a condolence letter
pent up feelings
or even a love letter,
an artist can showcase me
by drawing or painting
a beautiful scenery
gods or demons
or maps of imagination
as he or she wishes…

I can’t forbid anybody
from doing any damn thing,
they can make me
a holy scripture
a daily newspaper
or even a waste paper
and throw me out

When I’m born,
I have also expectations
but what turns out
is sheer my destiny
that is in the hands of others,
I also wish
someone could adore me,
rest head on my chest
kiss me,
give me a warm hug
and worship me in spirit…

But I can only wish,
fortunate are those
who write their own destiny…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pixabay


  1. I have to post my comment here, Kaushal, as your website won’t allow me to write.

    Thank you, Kaushal, for giving voice to a notepad as it is relevant to most of us. Rarely, someone can map their life without the interruption of unexpected illness, or a war taking over their country and their lives.

    Indeed, blessed are the lucky ones who can lead their lives happily every step of their life path.


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    1. Very well said, Joanna! Most of us try to chart our course, but destiny hold the upper hand. Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflections!


    1. It’s my pleasure that you liked the notepad’s perspective. I don’t know how it came to my mind. Thank you, Karima for your kind words and support 😊💖🙏

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  2. Destiny is unknown and uncontrolled, yet we think we can turn it our way. It is a wish for many, and a claim. How can you know you changed your destiny when you didn’t know what it was originally.

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