Ego is the Enemy

On returning from Lanka to Ayodhya, mother Kaushalya asked Rama, “Have you killed Ravana?”
Rama humbly replied,
“I have not killed him; his own “मैं” (ego) has killed him.”

Ravana, the King of Lanka was the most knowledgeable person, but his ego made his knowledge and whatever other qualities he had, meaningless. It’s not important that Ravana was a scholar. The important thing is that even a scholar can also be Ravana.

Rama challenged the tyrannical and devilish monarchy of Ravana on the strength of simplicity, purity, dignity, truth and morality and that too with the help of very ordinary creatures.

It was not the defeat of a king but the defeat of evil forces. Dassehra is celebrated as the victory of the divine and pristine culture over the demonic power. On this auspicious occasion, we remember Lord Sri Rama not only as a benevolent king, but also as an ideal human being.

Rama was born a human being like you and me, but people like you and me made him God. And this applies to all Gods. This goes to prove that our own karma, and not the birth in an elite family, decides our destiny.

Dussehra also means Dasha Hara (Ten Defeated) i.e. removal of the ten bad qualities, such as-
अहंकार (Ego)
अमानवीयता (Cruelty)
अन्याय (Injustice)
काम (Lust)
क्रोध (Anger)
लोभ (Greed)
मद (Vanity)
ईर्ष्या (Jealousy)
मोह (Attachment)
स्वार्थ (Selfishness)

But also don’t forget to conquer these ten Ravanas, sprouting if any, inside us-

Happy Dussehra to all of you 🙏💐🙏

–Kaushal Kishore


    1. You’re right, that’s the human nature, we tend to yield to such temptations that we should ideally resist. Thank you, Stell for your kind wishes that I heartily reciprocate!!

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